Video: How to Get Toned Arms Like Kelly Ripa

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We all know that Kelly Ripa is ripped, and she shows off her toned arms on Live! with Kelly and Michael every morning. Her secret weapon? Workouts with trainer Anna Kaiser of AKT InMotion, who is responsible for sculpting the star's incredible body.

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And here's the great news: We've got the secrets to her flawless physique. InStyle went straight to Kaiser to learn the exact same moves she does with Ripa that keep those guns looking so fab.

You will tone and sculpt sexy, tight shoulders while engaging all your muscles and working your entire body. All you need for the workout is a light resistance band or set of hand weights, and then you're ready to feel the burn in your biceps.

Watch the video above to learn how to do Kelly Ripa's arm workout at home.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Peiffer with InStyle, and I'm here at AKC In Motion with founder and celebrity trainer Anna Keiser. Hello [LAUGH] Who is responsible for Kelly Ripa's incredible body. She looks fantastic. And I know she looks really hard for it, right? Tell us. [MUSIC] So hard. She is so consistent. She shows up everyday, and she always gives 150%. And I have to say her arms are one of her best features. She has great arms. She has amazing arms and she works hard. It is not been a productive workout unless. Unless her arms are falling off and we have feel like this at the end. Lets do it lets burn out our arms like Kelly Rippa. So you are going to grab a resistance band or you can also do this exercise with weights up to you. I would recommend grabbing a light resistance band because this is a very tough exercise. Stepping on the middle. Stand holding the handles bending your knees lightly about hip distance apart. You are going to take those hands up. Good, now you are going to take those arms into a W position meaning every muscle is engaged. This is your starting position. Dont let those arms fall. So right here take those arms up twist the top bring those elbows all the way and dropping those shoulders and take it all the way back down. Girl this is only one rep that cant be hard. Two twist it all the way up. Good. And all the way back down again. And all the way up. Yes! Nice. Straighten those elbows and hold it out, hold it out, hold it out away from your body, away from your body. Yes! Look at it. Can you feel those biceps burning? Is it popping? Do I have biceps? [LAUGH] Best trick in the business. Yep. Now I have to find an excuse to wear a strapless dress where I can show off my biceps. Absolutely. There's always a reason. Thank you. Welcome. [MUSIC]
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