Video of the Day: Lena Dunham's Short Film for Designer Rachel Antonoff

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Lena Dunham's Girls examines the complexities of friendship (and everything that comes with it), and now, she’s exploring those ideas in a different venue—fashion. The director created a four-minute short film entitled "Best Friends" for her designer pal Rachel Antonoff, and together, they enlisted their relatives and friends to help them out. Dunham’s sister Grace stars with writer Alice Gregory as buds who go through every aspect of life together, all the while wearing Antonoff’s new fall 2013 collection; Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, Rachel’s brother and Lena’s boyfriend, provided the soundtrack; and Adam Driver, Lena's character Hannah’s kind-of boyfriend Adam on Girls, narrated. “They are definitely the people I most hang out with anyway, so it worked out,” Antonoff told at last night’s premiere of the short at the National Arts Club in New York, where friends of Girls attended, including Alex Karpovsky (Ray) and Audrey Gelman (Audrey). “Lena had the brilliant idea, and I fell in love with it. And it happened very naturally. Obviously, she’s brilliant and wonderful.” The shoot happened over two days in different areas of New York. “Somebody said it was like a sleepover camp that they wished would never end,” added Antonoff. “And it perfectly brings the collection to life.” For Dunham, it’s another way to represent the power of girlfriends on screen, too: “We hope it makes you reflect on your best friend,” Dunham told the crowd. Watch the wistful clip above.

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[MUSIC] Best friends are a natural phenomenon seen all over the world. They're not genetic relatives. But rather, humans who have chosen to attach themselves just as closely as family, creating unique rituals that differ between pairs. This particular set of best friends live in the New York City region of the United States of America. These two modern American women are wonderful examples of best friendship in action. There are a variety of behaviors that indicate their commitment to best friendship. They co-habitate. They know each other's likes and dislikes. They have similar tastes in food. [MUSIC] In foods. With a few exceptions. Is this like who's older than? Mm-hm. They find the same things interesting. That's interesting. Oh, yeah, that is. Oh, yeah hm. And funny. I mean, it was driving and driving and driving. And, it turns out he'd had his turn-signal on like, since the Eisenhower administration. [LAUGH] And sad. Oh my God, what happened? There was this dog and it had one ear and the other ear down and Standing there. I like your dress. Thanks. They don't mind disagreeing. I guess I just think that we as a culture, do have a tendency to anthropomorphize bears. It definitely universalized their experience by acting as if every single bear is the same animal with the same personality when in fact, there's a lot of variations between [CROSSTALK] Grace, I disagree. [MUSIC] And they always tell each other when they dislike each other's boyfriends. Listen, I just don't like him. They rely on each other for a sense of safety. Oww, Mouse, mouse, a mouse. I know, I know, I know. Lynn, I'm sorry. I hate mice. And adventure. Complexities arise when they try and expand their social circle. [MUSIC] It's getting pretty late. Yeah. We should probably turn in. It's 2 p.m. But even best friends need something besides each other. [MUSIC] A different kind of connection. [MUSIC] But even as they. They communicate. Good morning. Good morning. [MUSIC]
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