Video: Colbie Caillat's Closet Is "a Disaster" and More Fun Facts the Musician Revealed

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There's so much you can learn about a person in just a few seconds. Take Colbie Caillat. When the musician stopped by InStyle’s N.Y.C. headquarters recently, she took a turn at our "Think Fast" game, in which we asked her to answer her first instinct word associations to a series of rapid-fire questions. Click the play button above to hear her thoughts about everything from her style to the meaning behind her album's title, Gypsy Heart ($11.99; Our favorite: When asked about her closet, her immediate reaction: "A disaster." She's not the only one! Watch the short clip above.

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[MUSIC] Hi In Style, I'm Colbie Caillat and I'm so excited to say that my new album, Gypsy Heart, is out now. [MUSIC] Vegging out with my dogs and my boyfriend. [MUSIC] Is a disaster and I have too many clothes. inconsistent but awesome when I'm on the right track. Sometimes I'm shy and sometimes I'm really spontaneous and I can go up to anyone and say something crazy and do a fun dare. But it's different every day. Changes daily. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Blaze means, just have a blast with your friends. [MUSIC] Malibu is beautiful and the place I was born. [MUSIC] Gypsy heart is allowing yourself to be whatever you want. And change your mind if that's how you feel.
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