First Look: Victoria Beckham Creates Our Inner Child's Fantasy Wardrobe

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Leave it to Victoria Beckham to create a childrenswear line for Target that is more fashionable than anything we own ourselves. At our April cover shoot, the British icon chatted with Fashion News Director Eric Wilson about the inspiration behind her 200-piece collection that is set to hit shelves on April 9. The designer’s limited-edition collection was inspired by her daughter Harper and in true girl-power fashion, was the first-ever Target collab that will sell all of it’s sizes both in-store and online. Get Victoria’s take on her groundbreaking collaboration and check out the look book in case you’re just like us and are too impatient to wait to buy it all 200 pieces person.


[MUSIC] I'm Eric Wilson from InStyle Magazine and I'm here with Victoria Beckham, our cover subject for our April issue. And I have to tell you, we were so excited to hear you're gonna be designing Collection for Turger. [MUSIC] This Turger collection really is celebrating BVB which is the younger sister to my ready to Wear line and who better to collaborate with than Turger. The quality of her clothes is absolutely beautiful and I love the fact that I can reach women All around America. I worked very, very closely with the team at Target. This collection really is about my experiences with Harper, and the special moments that we have together. This was very English. I'm very honest. [UNKNOWN] I'm telling stories, different stories through out, through out the collection. And it's really things I do with Harper in London as mummy and daughter. There are clothes that I. Will definitely be wearing, my team will be wearing, [INAUDIBLE] can not wait wear her collection, as well. So, I feel I've been very honest with this, giving women what I know they're gonna love, from what I know they're gonna love to see their children wear. As well. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. Make sure you check out the rest of the Victoria Beckham for Target collection in the April issue of InStyle, now on newsstands and also at Target. [MUSIC]

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