Watch Vice Principals Star Busy Philipps Break Down Her Hilarious Summer Report Card

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If your Monday morning got off to a sluggish start because you stayed up watching last night's premiere of HBO's new dark comedy series Vice Principals, you're not alone. The show stars Danny McBride and Walton Goggins as Neal Gamby and Lee Russell, two vice principals competing for the top position at a Southern high school after the principal (played by Bill Murray) steps down.

InStyle caught up with Cougar Town alum Busy Philipps, who plays Gamby's ex-wife Gale, to get the scoop on the series, which was co-created by McBride and Jody Hill, the brains behind Eastbound & Down. "Danny and Walton play two rivals, so as you can imagine, hilarious ensues," says Philipps. In the spirit of academia (and competition) we asked Philipps to grade some of biggest summer trends, buzziest new shows, and, of course, TV principals past and present. Watch the video above to she how she ranks 'em.

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Catch Vice Principals on HBO Sundays at 10:30 p.m. ET.


[MUSIC] Hi i'm Busy Philipps and this is your 2016 summer report card. [MUSIC] He was the worst I guess like an F, he belongs to detention actually put him in detention. [MUSIC] I like have a really weird soft spot in my heart for him. He get the solid D cuz he just get so beat up by the end when that girl offers him the gummy bears you just Just are like, [UNKNOWN]. And he was right, by the way, he was right. Ferris Bueller did take the day off. Belding, Belding gets a B. He's just a solid principal, he followed them all the way to college. He was the committed to their education. [MUSIC] I love Snapchat so I have to give it an A. Very intrigued by Pokemon Go. I like the people who are walking around. I think that's great, I'm nervous about people's safety. I'm going to give it a solid B. Tinder, I don't understand, thank God I met my husband before the advent of all of these apps. I stay married mostly because I don't ever want to have to online date. I give it a C. Gotta watch the Olympics guys, A+ for a lot of reasons, are they going to get bacteria from that water? But also gymnastics is rad. My gosh, well here's the things, controversial statement, I've never seen Game of Thrones. I know guys. But look. I also didn't watch Breaking Bad until three weeks before the series finale when I watched the entire series in two weeks so I'm just going to bide my time and when it looks like it's the series finale of Game of Thrones then I'm going to devote an entire month and i'm just going to watch the entire thing. But that's just an S Satisfactory, I don't have a great for it. Vice Principals is A++, obviously you're gonna watch that. But it's true. Thanks so much. I'm Busy Philipps. Be sure to watch Vice Principal. July 17, Funny HBO. [MUSIC]
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