5 Summer Tips from a NYC Socialite

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Tinsley Mortimer is the ultimate woman about town. Whether the southern-bred society queen hailed NYC “It Girl” is balancing one of her many entrepreneurial hats (TV personality turned author turned handbag designer), or is busy making cameos on smash TV hits like Gossip Girl and High Society, you can count on one thing: Tinsley Mortimer will always be on the list.

We teamed up with our friends at Vaseline® to recruit one of New York City’s most photographed women to seek out her best beauty and style tips as she readies herself for summer. When you’re in front of those flashing lights as often as Tinsley is, you can bet there’s a secret to keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

Luckily for us, the interior design guru and Columbia University grad (can you say beauty and brains, people?) was ready to dish on her favorite summer tips. From the product that keeps her skin sun ready, to the importance of a color-heavy wardrobe, Tinsley has the five best tips and tricks you need to enter this summer like a socialite.


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[MUSIC] Even though I'm a New Yorker, you'd never catch me wearing all black. I love color. I love pink, but I'm really loving right now coral pink, so I'm always reaching for that perfect shade of pink lip gloss. Now that summer is coming, it's time to fee your most radiant skin. When it comes to skin care, the most straight forward approach is typically the best for me. Make sure to hydrate. And moisturize your skin. I always use a very healing moisturizer, like Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum. It locks in the moisture, makes me feel so radiant and beautiful. I think gold is the perfect color for summer. I think it looks great with tan skin. It's great for jewelry. I love gold hoop earrings. Also, strappy shoes for summer are the best. Go for the unexpected. And use unexpected patterns in your everyday items, like I've done by bringing my love for Asian influence alive in my dining pieces. Old colors and patterns are what I love to surround myself with. Get textural. My hair is naturally straight, so I love to put texture in it, whether it's curling it or making a cool, beachy-look wave Or maybe even braiding it. I think it looks great for summer to add a little texture into your hair.
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