Vanessa Hudgens Flashes Her Enviable Abs in Los Angeles


We have no scientific proof of this, but we have a hunch that Vanessa Hudgens studied at the Rihanna school of coffee-run lewks. (Call it decaf dazzle.) Every time the former Disney star steps out to grab a latte, she ups the ante on errand-running gear—and gives us a peek at her sizzling abs.

Just as we were recovering from that time Hudgens sipped coffee in furry Gucci mules, the star stepped out in Los Angeles wearing a bra top embellished with a body chain and a so-on-trend fiddler cap. And, yes: she stayed on fuzzy-slipper message.

The outing came right after a Pilates class, so know that abs like this require some serious dedication:

The appearance follows Hudgens' win at the Teen Choice Awards. When picking up a trophy for her work in charity and activism, the 28-year-old delivered a powerful speech on the power of individuality.

"I think it is so important for us to lean into our individuality and to embrace our weirdness," the singer said. "[Don't] be afraid of being different, because God made you you for a reason. So know that in your heart, you are enough. And the more you lean into that, the brighter you will shine."

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We're so glad Hudgens puts her unique style on full display, and hereby vow to ditch the leggings and go big the next time a Starbucks craving hits.


My favorite costume would honestly probably be the one I'm wearing right now [LAUGH] In the work room right now were putting on the final embellishments on our costumes using a lot of those Voroski crystals. What crystal adds to Gigi is an opulence, they really understood want we wanted to do, got very excited about it and. It's really just been a seamless process to work together. Right now we are seeing Vanessa in the dress that Gigi wears when she first goes to Maxines. The partnership with Swarovski and Gigi was so organic to the story and to both brands, we were really fortunate to. Has a brand that understood the time period that Gigi was evoking. I love this character so much. I think the story is still relevant. And Gigi's a really strong, powerful young woman who knows who she is. We're also using crystals in different tones. Those colors of fuchsias and purple. Purples and blues. My favorite aspect of working with the crystals is how they elevate a garment. There's nothing better than a makeover story. [MUSIC]
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