Unforgettable Arrivals

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See how these stars made an entrance on their big day.


[MUSIC] They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. [MUSIC] What better way to say let the marriage begin, than with a grand entrance. [MUSIC] Before Christine Baumgartner said I do to Kevin Costner, she was chauffeured by her father, in a vintage Chevy pick up. [MUSIC] As I turned the corner and I looked up, for the first time to see Kevin, the light was right on him. And once I looked at him, it was hard to look away, and he looked so handsome to me. [SOUND] Breaking with tradition, Baywatch star Gina Lee Nolan had her son Spencer, at her side. When the doors opened, Spencer was nervous. He said mama, I'm nervous. I said it's OK. [MUSIC] He just held my hand so tight. It took everything I had not to just bawl. It was just overwhelming, the emotions. [MUSIC] At her wedding to rap star Nas, Kelis wowed friends and family, when she appeared in a vibrant green creation. I'm a very visual person, so I was like, OK, I want Iceberg lettuce, celery, split-pea, and watermelon. [LAUGH]. [MUSIC]. And Jag star David James Elliott arrived at Santa Barbara's hope ranch, just in time to see wife Nancy, engage in some horseplay. I just wanted there to be something, so that he didn't show up and go I've, I've seen everything. I decided that I was gonna ride in on a horse, and I got on the horse and everything was fine and I felt really good and the horse moved. It was a big horse and it moved and I just went whoa, what was I thinking? [MUSIC] Six naval officers, Dressed white. In dress whites, they held my hands and just gracefully brought me down. They fixed my dress, and it was fine. It really went smooth. It was quite amazing. [NOISE] With celebrity weddings, getting there is half the fun. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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