Uma Thurman's Cover Shoot


The down-to-earth beauty shares her love of jeans, flats and rap (yep--she loves Tupac!) as she poses for the cover of September's fall fashion issue.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Uma and I'm on the cover of InStyle's fall fashion issue. My shopping weakness used to be shoes, but I think it's turned into blue jeans. Things. Because as soon as they get put in the washing machine, they don't fit the same. I don't know I always end up buying jeans or the best sweater I can find. I've taken to wearing flats most of the time. And I wear longer dresses because I just can't hack the evenings in the heels. [MUSIC] I love all music. I like all different kinds of music. I like pop, hip-hop. Well, you know what? I think actually people are usually surprised that I like rap a lot and I have that taste for some pretty, not quite tough, rap but I like rap. One of my favorite albums is Tupac All Eyes on Me. [MUSIC] It's the mid-summer Swedish solstice celebration today. Someone made me these appropriate flower garland. Although I think it's based on the local available flower supply. So it's it's a weed flower garland. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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