#TheShoe Debate: Which Nail Polish Matches the Pump? 


We couldn't agree if the dress was black and blue or gold and white, and now we're confused on which nail polish matches this pump.

Ever since twitter user @totallymendes posted #theshoe, we haven't stopped arguing over which shade is just right. It all started with the simple question, "Which color matches the shoes best?" It could be the magenta purple, but then again the amethyst shade looks spot on. 

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What color really matches the now famous BCBG Paris Jaze suede pumps ($60; dsw.com)? Let us know in the poll below if you're on team left or right in the great shoe debate. 

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So there's this shoe. Get ready, the newest internet debate is here. It is mind-blowing. Eva Monroe, who uses the twitter handle @totallymendes tweeted to her followers a simple question. Which nail polish fits her shoe better? That, it turns out, was a divisive question. Everyone, shield your precious internet eyes. Its hashtag the dress all over again. You're ready? People couldn't decide. The one on the left, the one on the right, maybe both. Before you knew it, #TheShoe was trending. The slew of responses certainly surprised Monroe who says she was just hoping for a few opinions. bright. So let's figure out the colors here since that seems to be the crux of the issue. First the shoe itself. It's from BCBG and is listed as the color magenta on at least one retail outlet's website. As for the polishes, a photo provided by Munro shows both are listed as the Dream On color. She also said both are from the nailpolish company, Sinful Colors. Checking out their website doesn't do us much good. They only have one product labeled as dream on, which they say is purple. Even more confusing, Kmart lists a reddish looking polish as the dream on label. Though Walmart matches what Sinful Colors itself shows. Both the news outlets and the denizens of social media have compared it to that whole #thedress debacle that melted the internet in February. While we kind of see where they're coming from, we're not sure it's that much of an optical illusion. I mean look we're talking about deciding between two different colors of nail polish here, and a magenta shoe. It's not the same optical science that wired had to break down for everyone back in February. Though hey maybe it Is. After more that 65 hundred retweets, there still doesn't seem to be a definitive consensus on which polish to use. Add to that the fact the internet was not helpful and Monroe says she still hasn't decided what color to use.
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