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Tag along as she shows us her favorite rooms and check out never-before-seen family photos.


[MUSIC] Despite Nicky Hilton's reputation as a jet setting hotel heiress, she's actually a homebody at heart. This is one of my favorite rooms in my house. My closet. I'm very, very organized. This closet actually started out all color-coordinated but that kind of went out the window. With my shoes, my Manolo's are together. My Chanel's are together and my Laboutin's. I'm one of these people where, when I fall in love with something, I have to get, like, three or four or five of them. Like, for example, I love this YSL shoe so I got it in purple and red. My mom and sister don't really raid my closet. I have big feet, I wear size ten and a half, so none of my friends can borrow my shoes. I would say I definitely have over 200 handbags, and probably the same with shoes. This is another favorite room of mine in my house. Probably cuz I spend the most time in it. It's my office. And then I have my little collage that my sister made me for my 24th birthday. It's just family photos. This is my ultimate favorite room in my house. The theme of this kitchen is Beverly Hills Hotel. I think it's a little nostalgia to me because I lived there for a period of time growing up. So I spent breakfast everyday by the pool, so hence the wallpaper. The last thing I bought for my kitchen was these Beverly Hills Hotel mugs. I just went to the gift shop at the hotel and tried to get some fun stuff for my house. In the past month I've been to Moscow, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Japan. And I forgot where else, so I haven't been to the grocery store in awhile. This is what is in the fridge right now. And some of these. My mom didn't help me design, but she's come over and she'll always bring me things. Some I like, some are a little weird. My mom's style's completely different from mine, as well as my sister. We all three, very different styles. I'm very into the contemporary design. My sister's new house is all very pink, very heiressy, contessy, and then my house is all black and white. I think with every sister, there's the pink sister and the blue sister. So, growing up, Paris had the pink Parto heart wallpaper everywhere and I had the little blue Parto star wallpaper. [MUSIC]
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