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Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the [IT {In Style}] Luxury Suites at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills and see how the stars prep for the Golden Globes.


[MUSIC] Hi, I am Amy Goodman with InStyle magazine. We're here at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. And I'm here to give you the inside sneak peak of the InStyle luxury suites. InStyle loves to help celebrate the Golden Globes with our celebrities. We treat our VIPs to all of the wonderful luxuries of jewelry and accessories, and a bit of spa as well, to help them just gear up for the Golden Globes, and help them in their preparations. As you can see, here we are in our beauty lounge, in which we have celebs already arriving, including Marlee Matlin, right over my shoulder. And here celebs can really glam up. From [UNKNOWN] cosmetics, getting those mini manicures, to getting eyelash extensions, brow treatments from the eyebrow guru, Anastasia, hair blown out by Paul Mitchell Products, and makeup applications by Sisley. I love it because we, we get together with so many other brands, and, and being here, we could take care, good care of our clients. Of course. That they will be part of the Golden Globe. And it's an excitement, you know, just to be here with everybody. First of all, let me say I came a mess. [LAUGH] No, no. That's, not true. My eyebrows were a mess. And that's no lie. Well that's the whole point, because we wanted to give you the luxury. Three treatments today. I know. She should've seen the before. [LAUGH] The after is incredible. [MUSIC] Here we are at the InStyle jewelry suite in which celebrities who are gearing up for the Golden Globes can get their outfits accessorized with a little bit of bling, bling, on loan of course. Now we are in the accessories lounge in which our celebs and their stylist can get shoes, beautiful clutches and handbags, and of course watches to complete their red carpet look. [MUSIC] Thank you for joining me for this exclusive tour of InStyle's luxury suite. Now it's my turn for a little star treatment. Bye, Bye. [MUSIC]
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