Toronto International Film Festival: Sandra Bullock


At the Toronto Film Festival, 'Our Brand is Crisis' star Sandra Bullock talks about mom duties and what she looks for in her next role.


Center this is the 3rd very different kind of role for you. You're taken really challenging and interesting parts. Do you have a part or a lane that you see yourself? What's next in terms of this is an incredibly challenging part, so. I wasn't looking for this. I was just looking, I wasn't reading anything that I got really excited about, and I had such good fortune with Gravity and I was having fun just being a mom. So it had to be something extraordinary as a life experience for myself and for my boy, cuz he comes with me. I don't know what I'm looking for. I'm just looking to make it into the carpool lane on time. And not get fussed at. That's really my goal right now. If a good roll comes along, that's icing on the cake, so I have no idea.>>Anybody that has kids in LA, the car pool is>>Oh my God, the pressure. I mean really, there should be a cappuccino, there should be a make up station, to help me Pull together. You have to know you need to not stop. You stop very briefly, let them out, keep going. Oh, and buckle up, buckle on, buckle. And he's slow and he wants to kiss me. Don't kiss me, don't kiss me, get out. Cuz they just give you the look and it's like God.>> Hairy animal.
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