Toronto International Film Festival: Red Carpet Prep

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Toronto International Film Festival: Red Carpet Prep


When I'm getting ready for a big event, I have Elaine [UNKNOWN] and Marcus [UNKNOWN] where are they? Anyway, I have wonderful hair and makeup people, Marcus Francis, who are working with me, and Leslie [UNKNOWN] who helps me select clothes. And so it's a kind of a team effort. The Red Carpet. I always have to put on a lot of music. We just try to have fun. Usually I just love picking a reference like Bowie or Debbie Harry. Something like, and doing our own spin on that. The red carpet's just, it's a fantasy zone. It's a fairy tale zone. It's a place where Actresses dress up. We do hair, makeup and it's kind of a costume. It's not real life. So I see it as a kind of an extension of story telling. It's just fiction. It's like a fictional zone, and it's always a little dramatic. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] I mean, I'd be lying if I didn't say I would Would be the suit. And also I like wearing thin I'm more comfortable wearing things like this I guess. I always like to wear something that feels like I'm wearing it rather than it being around me that kind of like oh, I threw this on but not really. This is what I usually do, alright? I don't wear these.

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