Toronto International Film Festival: Natalie Portman

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At the Toronto International Film Festival, Natalie Portman talks about her latest role in 'A Tale of Love and Darkness'.


i think that the story is quite unique in that Amaso's actually telling me that a tale of love and darkness he thought would really be popular as a book, only in a small part of Jerusalem, but it ended up being his His biggest, bestseller of any book he's ever written internationally, in dozens of different languages. Because it's essentially an immigrant story about moving to a place that you idealized from afar, and then when you get there, idealizing the place you came from, which is quite a universal immigrant experience. I chose this as my first film to adapt from the book and to direct, because it was the first time I had really envisioned an entire film in my head while I was reading the book. It's hard to put an exact time on how long the project took for me to develop because I started writing, The screenplay probably ten years ago but then I would like write for a few months and then put it away for a few years and then go back to it. And so really from the time I started like pre-production was to the time I finished it was probably Two years. It was really meaningful as an actor to get the experience of being a director. I really understood what the director is looking for much more. Having that experience to you know, in the editing room looking at which takes I wanted. It made me understand what I could give as an actor more. And of course to create your own vision to realize your own vision and to have all these people Generously giving themselves to help create your vision is an amazing experience and one I hope to have again.
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