Toronto International Film Festival: Naomi Watts and Elle Fanning

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At the Toronto International Film Festival, 'About Ray' stars Naomi Watts and Elle Fanning talk about their roles in the film.


[BLANK_AUDIO] [LAUGH] We're here with Naomi Watts and Elle Fanning, the stars of About Ray, a movie here at the Toronto International Film Festival that's already getting a lot of incredible buzz. Important topic and a great family drama. Can you talk a little bit about what drew you to this film, particularly you, Elle? You play a transgender teen. I knew that it would, I mean, definitely knew that it would be a huge challenge to do. I definitely have never done anything like that before. I had a lot of transgender friends that go to my school and who've made the transition like over the summer. They changed their names and use different pronouns. I was definitely used to that and then reading this story. And how current it seems and it's not just about a transgendered teen. It's also about a family and how everyone's dealing with it. I just love Ray and I love his story. And I really wanted to tell it because he deserves it. Right. As Ray's mother, you go through a journey. You play a single mother who sort of Seeks a path of understanding. Trying to figure out how to knit this family together as your child goes through this process. Did you talk to parents of trans teens and sort of approach it that way? Absolutely. Yes they had sought out some mothers of transgendered kids and And they spoke also very openly and that was really important to me. And some of the lines in the film are actually taken from their stories. Because when you hear something that says so much and it just connects with truth, it's so valuable. 'Cuz you wanna Represent the story with the most responsibility and truth you can.
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