Toronto International Film Festival: The Martian's Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain


At the Toronto International Film Festival, 'The Martian' stars Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain talk about starring in another space film together.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi, we're here with Jessica Chastain and Matt Damon from The Martian, a huge movie here at the Toronto International Film Festival, and it's the second time the two of you have been in an intergalactic sort of situation together. Yes. And I guess next year you'll be doing something else in outer space, potentially, together. Yeah, we're gonna just keep living among planets. [LAUGH] Just kind of stranding him? Well and each time I get to do a few more scenes with Jessica so Interstellar. We got ten minutes in this one. Yeah, we got ten minutes in this one and hopefully a full film next time. You obviously know each other off-camera, but do you prepare in any way? Especially you since you're really playing a lot of this movie in isolation. No, I mean I think it's just, you just fill it all up with your real feelings and your real Life and your real stuff, and it all comes across. As long as the dynamics in the script are good, and these were really good, the script was beautifully written. If the setup is you see these people doing every single thing they can to get back to this person and then you see this person doing everything he can to stay alive, it's You're building something for a couple hours that should have a really kind of strong resonance when those two kind of characters meet. And, for you, this is the second. Obviously, you did Interstellar as well. Do you enjoy doing big, epic space kind of movies, or? In Interstellar, it felt like I was doing a movie about the Dust Bowl because my character never really left Earth. But it peaked my interest in space exploration, and I knew that with taking this on, I was gonna get to go to my own version of space camp, and do my own research, and the inner geek in me went wild, so I was happy about that. I don't know that I'll do another space movie, but. Why not? I mean, there's no aliens in my films yet. When I met the screenwriter, Drew, he said he wanted the movie to be a love letter to science. And I think that it is, but I think something that both Drew and Andy in the book do a really good job of is making the science understandable and kind of approachable for people like us Essentially, the guy needs air, he needs food, he needs water, and he kind of methodically goes about insuring that he has those things, and so, I think in that sense, the science is pretty easy to grasp.
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