Toronto International Film Festival: 'The Martian' Cast


At the Toronto International Film Festival, the cast of 'The Martian' talk about filming the space movie.


[BLANK_AUDIO] We're here with the crew from The Martian, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Kate Mara, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. You guys are here in Toronto to promote a fantastic movie, Ridley Scott's sprawling space epic, astronaut stranded for several years. All of you probably learned a lot, one of the things about this movie is science really takes a starring role in the film and you probably learned a little bit more About space travel and science than you did when you started, I hope. Is that true? [LAUGH] Basically what's on the script. I don't know about you, like. No, take it, cuz I didn't do any research at all. I just wanted to work with Ridley. Literally, that's. So no science was learned. No, but if you say science, then it's like oh God, boring. But its' not, it's done, Ridley does it and In such a thrilling way, I think, that it really brings science to life in a great way, I think. I was definitely smarter when shooting it, but I've lost it all now. [LAUGH] I forget everything that I Google searched. It was great. I mean, it was great to I think that's the thing about the film. You definitely when you watch the film and you come out of it feeling a little smarter. [LAUGH] And you feel like you wonder whether you can get through all those situations. What's the most difficult part about playing an astronaut? I think the most difficult part were the The suspension, you think? No. The dialogue? The suits. Oh, the suits. Yeah weighed about 30 pounds. When we're in that big sandstorm. And-- I was in good shape. I was in better shape than you were. I know, you were in great shape. And I was struggling. But it was hard. Also, you feel very secluded and you can't hear anybody except, well, each other, so we all became very close, for better or worse. Would any of you travel in space after this experience? Yeah, I'd love it. No. Yeah. No. No. No? [LAUGH] If I was about a 100 times smarter, I'd love to assist people going into space. You've got good practice. Exactly. Yeah.
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