Toronto International Film Festival: 'He Named Me Malala' Director Davis Guggenheim


At the Toronto International Film Festival, 'He Named Me Malala' Director Davis Guggenheim talks about meeting Malala Yousafzai.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Well, the producers, Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald went to England to get the rights to the book for a movie with actors. And they met with Malala and her father, and when the came home back to LA, they were like how could you make A movie with an actor who would play Malala. And they said we should make a documentary so they called me, and I started to read about the story and I realized that most of us think of this girl as the girl who was shot on her school bus. The story has much more depth and meaning to it. This is the girl who As a young girl, stood up and spoke out even risking her life, for what she believed in which is that every girl should be able to go to school. When I met her, she was 15, and she was still in recovery from being shot. She was in recovery in Birmingham, England. A bullet had gone through her face and snapped the The nerve destroyed little bones in her ear that means she can't hear very well. She's still getting feeling and moving back in that. But also, she's become a student. And to her, the prizes are great but being a student and doing well as a student is the most important to her. When you think about icons and I think she's an icon Is you think, well they're larger than life and they do these amazing things. What you see when you see this movie is that she's a girl who's extraordinary. And I think that's important when you think of icons, cuz sometimes icons are so impressive that you think I could never be them. But when you meet Malala, my daughters look at her and say well if she did it, I can do it too.
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