Toronto International Film Festival: Géza Röhrig

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At the Toronto International Film Festival, 'Son of Saul' star Géza Röhrig talks about the challenges of filming a movie about the Holocaust.


[BLANK_AUDIO] So when I first read the script, I right away realized that this is not going to be one of those movies that tried to avoid the darker realities of the Holocaust. And if you make a film about the Holocaust, you better recognize the Holocaust for what it is. So, with having read the script, it definitely presented a singular challenge. Like there was nothing in my life. I had no such experience that I felt would qualify me to play this role, obviously and thank God. So, how can I get into that state of mind? I try to meet with survivors. And besides the mental preparation even physically. I had to lose weight, I was running daily, and the tension, the stress that was accumulating me leading up to the shooting was harsh. The most challenging scene, I mean, you know I'm a father of four. This Saul in the movie, the protagonist, is losing his child. So that wasn't easy at all. I wanted this to further humanized me, if I may, because especially in this role See that that the level of cruelty and inhumanity that was manifest in Auschwitz is still around us. But to me personally it was a very enriching experience. I got to places I could have never gone. I met people most likely I wouldn't have had chance to meet otherwise without this film. So I'm very, very grateful.
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