Toronto International Film Festival: Cast of 'Sicario'


At the Toronto International Film Festival, the cast of 'Sicario' talks about the film's relevance to politics today.


Hi. We're here with the cast of Sicario. Josh Brolin, Emily Blunt, and Benicio del Toro, who are in Toronto promoting this amazing movie. The first question I wanted to ask all of you is, this movie suddenly seems very timely, given what's going on politically in this country. People talking about the border. People upset about what's happening in terms of the border of our country. Do you think a lot about that as you walk out there and promote this film? Do you think that has any relevance to the film? There's two things. There's the drug problem, and the drug problem is a problem on both sides of the border, and the problem with immigration is both sides of the border. So, I think that's the only thing in common between the two. This movie has nothing to do with people coming across the border and trying to better their lives. But it is relevant. I mean we talk about ISIS and ISIS is such a major thing. And we have 15 to 20,000 strong. But that's way, way, over there, you know. This is right in our back yard and it's so much more intense. Well I mean, I don't think I knew enough about it. If you even just google the images of the cartel and Cartel death, and the sheer brutality of the imprint that they leave on people's lives is, I think that's really disarming, really shocking. And so I think the film doesn't shy away from that. I think it reveals how cheap life has become for everybody. As actors working together, particularly you and Emily, people are going to see you in a totally different way. This is an incredibly riveting, action-packed, tense movie. What was it like working together, and what was it like for you particularly to play a female FBI agent and prepare for this, and work with these two guys. Well I spoke to a bunch Bunch of women in the FBI. That was really helpful, because you're not given much backstory in the script of who these people are and where they came from. You're given nothing. Nothing. [LAUGH] We at least have a little help, like I'm recently divorced, and I need a new bra. And for you, in terms of the kind of work you do, is this the lane you like being in, compared to Comedy, musicals. I mean, [CROSSTALK]. I don't have a preference really. I think it depends on, usually depends on maybe what I've done before will dictate what I want to do next, and. But she slipped into it easy cuz she comes from a major comedic background. Benny and I don't. [LAUGH] So it was a nice I like to laugh. I like to laugh too. You guys are good audience. Yeah we're good audience. There are no big musical numbers in this? No Well there are off camera Off camera Yeah.
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