Toronto International Film Festival: Cast of 'Our Brand is Crisis'

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At the Toronto International Film Festival, the cast of 'Our Brand is Crisis' discusses how the film ties in with current politics.


Alright we are here with the team from Our Brand Is Crisis, Scoot McNairy, Brent Haslove, Sandra Bullock, David Gordon Green, and Zoe Kazan who are all here to promote an amazing movie which is sort of a timely film because we are going thru our own political circus here In North America, so I wonder, looking at this film and having made it, do you reflect on our own political process and what's wrong with it after having done this? [BLANK_AUDIO] Yeah. [LAUGH] Absolutely. Working on this film for me was kind of a look into politics, at the sideshow of it, and So, for me, it was really educational, and with the elections coming up and whatnot. Yeah, it sounds like this movie's, couldn't have better timing for it to be released and coming out and. When you guys look at this movie in terms of being, making an American movie, and thinking about America's role in the world, did it change your perspective on that at all? Well that was sort of the point was the idea that this group of Americans goes to a very foreign place and runs a very American style campaign and the havoc that reeked. Yeah, it's the political backdrop but this film's really about Big Business, period. There's a consulting group in every Big firm. It's marketing, it's advertising when you really get down to it. And that's what's heartbreaking is that you realize, wow, I've been advertised to. Rather than let me decide who the best candidate is, I've been manipulated to vote, or buy something. And as a company, I mean it's really a company piece, I mean you are at the center of this incredible ensemble of actors. That must have been fun to have all of these people collaborating together. Was it a special chemistry between all of you? I mean, you really do have a kind of war room, kind of mentality in this movie. And I had so much fun working with this cast and producers and David on this film. Everybody brought so much to the characters, to the table and, but most of all we had fun. We just had a really good time and kept the set really light and you know Yeah, I had a blast shooting this thing. You know, it was just so thrilling for me. And I had a great time with everyone here, and also with Ann Dowd, and Anthony Mackie, and Billy Bob Thornton. We had such an incredible cast. Yeah, I was just really keeping my eyes and ears open and learning from my fellow thespians. Everybody playing up to a high standard, gotcha. Exactly.
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