Toronto International Film Festival: Cast of 'Equals'

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At the Toronto International Film Festiva, 'Equals' cast Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult with director Drake Doremus discuss the movie's premise.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi, we're here with the team from Equals, Drake Doremus Nicholas Hoult, and Kristen Stewart. In a dystopian movie about getting rid of emotions that is getting huge buzz here at the Toronto International Film Festival. Would you guys prefer a world in which you didn't feel? No. [LAUGH] Yeah. That's the whole question, right? Go through something a little bit too hard and The first instinct is always like I hate this, I don't want this, if I could just not feel this, but you know we were just talking about, so it's a movie about these people living in a collective and we're very concerned about the progressive nature of our culture even though we lack culture completely, we just We have stifled every emotion or anything to do with anger, fear, nothing. We're completely neutralized. So, it definitely begs the question, would you even get out of bed? Would you exist anymore? And it's like, probably not. I think the only way to be truly progressive and to truly move forward is to not ignore your heart and your feelings. It's to make sure that they coincide. Also, I would like to feel emotions because that's part of the biggest rush of acting is when you feel something and something is honest and real on set. It's mainly Drake. Saying, Do less. A lot of the time. Which is a really nice thing to hear from a director cause a lot of time, you hear the complete opposite, which is I need more. Hit this beat, do this, hit that mark and say this like this. Not try to do anything. He's be like, stop trying. Yeah, yeah. It would be completely like, just strip it back and then you'd feel like you're doing nothing, but then Drake could kinda pull out what's going on inside of you. So, I guess. I think because of that it was an amazing experience as opposed to it being a job and showing up to work and having actors hit a mark and saying a line. I mean it was Far less about the execution and it was more about the exploration about us as human beings and what love really means.
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