Toronto International Film Festival: Alicia Vikander

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At Toronto International Film Festival, Alicia Vikander talks about her favorite red carpet ensemble.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Because my everyday style is very, I'm very much a knitted sweater person and t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. So I kinda see it as a way of just having a bit of fun and, I still, I normally don't wear any makeup in my everyday life. But then to go in and kind of As an artist again, and get inspired by photos and make-up and all that and have fun with it. I really enjoy that. I think, going back to knowing if you can, I remember back before I started to do any kind of red carpets, I remember, you know, if it was a big wedding, maybe, you have prepped this Dress. And if you feel amazing in it it's like the best little spice to bring to any party because you kind of walk in and you feel like you have dressed up in a way that makes you feel a lot comfortable and shine. So if you just manage to get that felling That's the best. At the Oscars two years ago, I wore an Elie Saab dress, that I thought was extremely sexy because it was almost sheer, which you couldn't really see until you got really close. It was almost totally see-through. They actually put some extra beads over my nipples to make sure they were not going to end up in the photograph. Yet it was a very high neck and long sleeves and I really liked that combination of being full covered yet feel extremely sexy.
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