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From statement coats to bold colors get the rundown on the top looks for fall.


[MUSIC] We've called it chalet chic and chateau deluxe. What it really is, it's extraordinary knitwear. The craftsmanship that goes into these things, the colors, the intensity of the knitwear. It's big, it's bold, it's knitwear that makes a statement and so there's a real grandness to it. But it's also fur trends little vests outerwear pieces. It's dressy sportswear. It's casual shapes in luxurious fabrics with intricate knits, fur trims. It's pretty much a neutral palette and it's very expensive looking. A counter trend was that sort of menswear inspired trend, which I personally love. Taking the fabrications and some of the details of menswear and translating it for a woman's figure. [BLANK_AUDIO] There was also great coats that really are a stand-out coat. For me I would go for a statement coat. You can dress so simply. You throw on a great coat and you look like a million bucks. [MUSIC] Bargains of bargains and we love bargains. And our magazine's full of bargains. But in the things that you really love, I think it's never been a better season to buy well. Buy it now. Buy it this season because the clothes are so strong, and yet they don't feel trendy. They don't feel faddish. You're not going to throw any of this away in three weeks. So much of the crafting, the fall, is so gorgeous on these clothes. That you really are gonna want to treat them like possessions and really, you know, take good care of them, and wear them, you know, season by season by season. [MUSIC]
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