Kerry Washington's Haircut Was Influenced by Olivia Pope—but Not in the Way You Think!

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Can we get a show of hands from all fellow Gladiators excited for tonight's episode of Scandal? We've certainly taken a style cue or ten from Olivia Pope's beyond-perfect ensembles, but in the real world, Kerry Washington prefers to go for looks that veer from the choices she has on set. At the launch of Neutrogena's spring makeup collection, of which she's the famous face, the star confessed that was one of the driving forces behind her edgy new lob. "I just like to change it up and always like to feel like I'm doing something different from Olivia Pope," she told us. "I think that's a big part of it. When I'm at work, I'm her, but in my own life I want to feel like me."

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But that doesn't mean there haven't been a few crossover moments. As her character's wardrobe continues to evolve and get more colorful, Washington often finds herself wanting to grab an item out of Olivia's closet (just like the rest of us). "And maybe that's okay five years in that maybe Olivia dresses a little more like Kerry," she adds. Click play above to watch the video in full, and catch Washington on a new episode of Scandal tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.


[MUSIC] I just like to change it up and always feel like I'm doing something that's different from Olivia Pope. I think that's a big part of it. Like Like when I'm at work but in my own life I want to feel like me. It's actually been a very tricky season for me because there's been a lot of attention on how now Olivia's wearing color when we come back you'll see she's kind of out of the Pastel's and the grays and the neutral and into very bold colors which I think is a little bit about her Establishing her space and not wanting to hide anymore. But it's been very tricky for me cuz one of the main ways that I have differentiated between Olivia's style and Carrie's style is color. So I had a very hard time in fittings in the beginning. Lyn Paolo, our brilliant costume designer would kind of sit and look at each other, and go what do we do? Because everything just felt so Carrie. But I feel like we're finding a groove of what's Olivia and what's Carrie, and there might be more crossover than there was before. And maybe that's okay five years in, that maybe Olivia dresses a little more like Carrie. [MUSIC] I've always stolen ideas from Olivia, I mean Lyn Paulo and I work very closely together. But I would fall in love with something like those beautiful Prada bags, and I would go and get one. Like I have a beautiful bright emerald green Prada bag that was inspired by her white Prada bag. So now I'm like, well Olivia has a green one too. What do I do?
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