Three Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Tackle Your Summer Woes

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Summer is high time for refreshing beverages and fresh fruits and vegetables, which means juices and smoothies are heavy on our minds during the warmer months. With produce at its peak, we are always on the lookout for new recipes to toss into our blenders for an easy and healthy sippable snack. We tapped registered dietitian Amy Shapiro of Real Nutrition N.Y.C. to breakdown two smoothies and a juice great for tackling some common summer struggles. All three are easy to make and absolutely delicious. Test out one of the smoothies and a juice with the recipes below and check out the video above to find out the full benefits of these smoothies, as well as smoothie-making in general, whether it’s okay to substitute frozen fruit for fresh, and which milk Shapiro suggests for smoothies.

Citrus Super C

Juice together:

3/4 cup pineapple

1/2 medium grapefruit, peeled

2 medium oranges, peeled

1 sprig mint

Energy Kick

In a blender, combine:

10 oz orange juice

1/4 cup blueberries

1/2 pack Sambazon acai smoothie pack

1/2 banana, frozen

1/2 tsp maca powder

1/2 tsp matcha green tea

1/2 tsp yerba mate powder

Green Guardian

In a blender, combine:

8oz almond milk (or nut milk of your choice)

1/2 cup strawberries

2 leaves swiss chard

1/2 cup spinach

1/4 avocado

1/2 tsp flax seeds

1/2 tsp chia seeds

1/2 tsp hemp seeds

1/2 cup ice


Hey Facebook. This is Ann Verosie from Incel magazine and I am here with Amy Shapiro, registered dietician who is going to show us a few different juices that are really great for some things that you You might be struggling with this summer. So, we are here at Juice Generations, and she's going to walk us through a smoothie and a juice that is great for your metabolism, your immunity, and something that is generally all around great for everything especially if you are pregnant. So, Amy will you take it away? Sure, so the juices, there are so many Different juices here, but the ones that I chose really hit those topics that you wanted to cover today. Mm-hm. So this one over here is the energy kick. And this one's really great for metabolism and energy. So it's got loaded with antioxidants Stems from the acai berry, which has even more antioxidants than blueberries. But just in case that wasn't enough, there's also blueberries involved. And then the special ingredient that I love about this is that there's maca. In here, so this is an ingredient that a lot of people don't really know what to do with, but they want to do something with it and maca helps your energy. It actually has a little bit more of an even buzz to it than caffeine. And it also, the research is still out on it, but it is said to possibly help to increase your metabolism. So that's Really great. And then another way to increase your metabolism is this is a really great smoothie to add protein powder to if you want a little bit more staying power to treat this as a meal substitute. And the protein powder, if let's say you're coming from a workout, the protein powder is really good for muscle repair and muscle growth if that's your goal. And we all know that the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism. So if you're looking to a few pounds, and you want to start lifting some weights, I want you to refuel with this one. It's a protein powder. So what is maca exactly? Where does it come from? Maca is a root that comes just from the Earth. So I guess considered more spice, herb. Scenario. And it's really become quite popular in the last or I don't know last five years or so. But that hot super food. Right. But it's something that you see on shelves at any health food store. But you don't really know how to incorporate it. An easy way to incorporate it is to put it into your smoothies so it does provide energy. And that energy kick that he does without the excess adrenaline buzz. So, let's talk about what's in this drink. I see frozen blueberries, frozen bananas, oranges. I think orange juice is the base, the liquid base. Yes, the liquid base. And they put about half a pack of this acacia powder, acacia. Berry. It's a frozen pack. Berry, it's a mixture. Yeah. And, also, About a teaspoon of the moca powder. So if you wanna make this recipe at home, we're gonna share all the recipes for all these juices later on when we get back to the office. And so you can make them all summer long. And if you're just tuning in Make sure you ask questions when you're talking about juicing and smoothies. These juices are good for immunity, for metabolism, and all around wellness. So fire away if you have any questions that you wanna to ask. Should we try this one? Let me try it. It's a really beautiful color. So this is a smoothie, you can make it in a blender. Right, so with the smoothie, it's gonna contain all of the parts of the fruits and vegetables. So, the skin, and the fiber, and the juice and everything. Super yummy. It's got a really nice orange flavor to it. And, the berries And I really taste, I don't really taste the banana. Bananas are usually used more for, well the flavor helps. But it's also a really, it gives it that nice thick, creamy- The texture. Texture that people like in their smoothies. Yeah, yeah. And another great thing is I don't taste any matcha powder. I don't know what it's supposed to taste like. But I feel like the one thing about like Adding protein powders and powders of any kind is kind of, the one thing that people are worried about is what it's gonna taste like. So, people always ask me if I want a shot of this, or this extra protein mix. I'm always hesitant to because I don't want it to taste weird in the end. But this one you don't need to worry about it, so [INAUDIBLE]. Thumbs up. Okay, second one. So when we are talking about immunity, we or I picked a juice for this one instead of doing a smoothie. Because it is loaded with Vitamin C. So this is called the Super Duper C, and it has great. Fruit in it and orange juice. Those are two fruits that are naturally high in Vitamin C. Really great for your immunity. So, come fall start loading up or that summer cold that people get that's just so annoying Right. Great time to load up on this. There's also some fresh mint in there and then some pineapple, which is a nice tropical flavor. Yeah, yeah. This sounds like something that you would want to add a vodka or tequila to. [LAUGH] If you wanted to detox, and redox simultaneously. [LAUGH] At the same time. But it does look really beautiful and vibrant. Bread. Well give it a try. [BLANK_AUDIO] Super, super refreshing. I feel like the grapefruit or the pineapple almost gives it a milder taste. It's almost like a milder orange juice, but the mint brings it back up. It's just right, yeah. So there's, I think, this huge argument between juicing and smoothie'ing, which you touched upon a little bit. But in this case, would you recommend making it as a smoothie also? You could, you absolutely could. I think that in picking I would probably recommend [BLANK_AUDIO] using the juice Juice as the base like we did here. Yeah. And then blending in the frozen pineapple and maybe throwing in some [UNKNOWN] to give it that texture that sometimes blending citrus membrane can give it a funny. The pitty flavor yeah. Yeah, so, I'm not quite sure if everybody will like it, but [UNKNOWN]. Yeah. If you're just beginner maybe use the [INAUDIBLE] grease and then add One thing about frozen fruit is that I think this is the reason why people use frozen fruit in their smoothies is because they want that texture, right so if they don't if they can't get that texture, like if the fruit they have in their home is all fresh, can you just substitute [UNKNOWN]. Yes, so, usually what I recommend that my clients do is, I recommend them use the frozen fruit, so that the The flavor isn't diluted by ice cubes. So this way you don't have to add the ice cubes and then lose the intensity of the flavor. But if you prefer fresh fruit you can buy fresh fruit and then freeze it. Or you can absolutely You use the ice cubes to make it thicker and frothier. Or, if you're somebody who just likes a lot of volume, an easy way to make a bigger smoothie is to add in ice cubes. But just a little sidenote, frozen fruit isn't less nutritious than fresh fruit and believe it or not is actually could be more nutritious because what's happened is it's picked at the point of ripeness and was flash frozen right then. So you're getting all the vitamins and nutrients are completely saved. Whereas, if you're getting Bananas from Costa Rica, by the time they, kinda, get here- Right. They've been picked for quite some time so they start to lose some of their nutrients. Right. So don't be afraid of frozen fruit if you don't have fresh fruit or don't be afraid of frozen blueberries when it's not blueberry season. Right. Okay, our final juice here is actually, it's a smoothie, right? Smoothie, I went smoothie for this one. So what do we have here? So this one is the, I think this is the Green Guardian. And when we were talking, we wanted to select something that was great for pregnancy. So when When most people are pregnant. And everything's about how do I fuel my body in creating another human? So you really wanna go pure and with safe foods that you've definitely had before that you know agree with you. So I tend to recommend that macha, something Something like Mahi that maybe you haven't tried before, you don't try now. So this is a very basic but very healthy smoothie. What we have in here is the avocado for heart healthy diet, strawberries, For Vitamin C, greens, spinach and Swiss chard, loaded in Folic Acid which is really important for baby's development to prevent birth defects. And then, we have chia seeds, which is a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, but also fiber. Protein, calcium and iron. So they are a superfood, and they're safe to use. So the reason why I went smoothie here, was because a lot of pregnant women who I council are constipated, right? So we don't wanna go with a juice where we remove all the fiber. In the smoothie, we keep all of the fiber there, so it's going to help them with it. [INAUDIBLE] and regularity. And the chia seeds are also like your trick. if you are having issues in the bathroom, start [INAUDIBLE] into your food. And then lastly, it's a very hydrating smoothie. So we have to make sure that we're not dehydrated, especially in this weather. Right. Make sure that we have enough amniotic fluid and all of this stuff, to stay hydrated is another reason why focused on this amazing green smoothie. Do you ever add an herb or something? Something to grind it up or, I feel like there's a lemon juice in any of these but that's such a wonderful ingredient. Even just for flavor and for health benefits as well but. Well the important thing to note here is, so the beauty of lemon and the green juice, or a smoothie, is We need the Vitamin C, or the acid, in the lemon to kind of break down the oxalates, now we're getting scientific, in the grains. So this way we can absorb the iron. Without the acid, you don't really absorb the iron, but strawberries This are loaded with vitamin C. So kind of play the same role- Yeah. Like lemon would in this smoothie. So it's kind of something to think about when you're blending. Right. You might not want to blend a lemon in there. But if you're juicing. Then you're doing. Bring all greens juice. Mm-hm. You probably would wanna add the [INAUDIBLE] Right. Does that make sense? Yeah, totally. And let me give this one a try. While I do, can you tell us what you have in the mornings? In the mornings, yes. So I always start all of my mornings with a large glass of room temperature water With half of a lemon squeezed in it, it's kind of my ritual, it's really important to hydrate in the morning if you've been sleeping hopefully I'm sure no New Yorker's or anybody is sleeping 12 hours. But technically we've been sleeping [UNKNOWN] our digestive system [UNKNOWN] dehydrated when we get up. So instead of reaching for that coffee pot, like we want to, hydration kind of helps with that energy too. So I have Water with lemon, and then after my water with lemon I go for some coffee. Good. Now, I prefer my coffee black and strong. So I enjoy those two beverages in the morning. Great. Straight up. Simple. One more question I had is about adding liquids. So looking at Considering soy milk, hemp milk, almond milk, coconut water versus regular water. Do you have any thoughts on why certain options are better than others? Well, I think that there's so many milks out there now and they all have different roles. And they're also great for all the different allergies that are abundant these days. So, obviously And say if you want your fruits and nuts you're not gonna go further. Okay. [INAUDIBLE] Go for soy milk. Okay. So, I really think it's partly flavor, partly allergy, partly nutrients that you're kind of looking for. Mm-hm. And what you can kinda tolerate, right. A calf milk can not be as delicious to one person as to another. So I usually recommend almond milk. It's a base, it's really built on calories but really creamy. I mean it's a nice part healthy fat, naturally occurring in it. So I usually recommend that to my clients. It's very benign flavors so everybody kind of likes it. Right. Hemp milk is great, but not a lot of people know how to incorporate hemp seeds into their diet. So, hemp milk is a nice way to get those benefits, also Omega-3 fatty acids. That's a great way. And then, soy milk is my least favorite, because I'm a big believer in the fact We should really be eating the soy from its most whole form. So soy beans, and [INAUDIBLE] and tofu. And then as we start to process soy a little bit more, the verdict's still out on how healthy it is for us. So unless there's an allergy I usually recommend the other two over soy. And then most importantly, you wanna Make sure that your milks that you're using are not sweetened. Because a lot of these non-milks are sweetened with sugar which adds calories. And we're all learning that sugar is not the best thing for us. So don't reach for the vanilla soy milk. You can reach for the vanilla unsweetened soy milk, right? So yeah, and all the coffee Because the reason why your coffee tastes so good with [UNKNOWN] We've turned it into a dessert. Yeah, there you go. Adds up Whipped cream and you know and little chocolate shavings and you've got ice cream. Exactly. But with the coconut water its a great addition because especially in this heat, or during the summer it's got, it's loaded with nutrients. Yes. So, its really a helpful way to get those electrolytes instead of drinking say, Gatorade or something like that, it's an electrolyte, so another good option. [INAUDIBLE] Well thank you so much for your time today. You're welcome. And for your wisdom, I've learned so much. That is all we have time for today, and if you check back in on our website later today they will have all the recipes for these amazing drinks up there for you. Thank you.
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