The Stars of This Is Us Quiz Each Other About Crazy Celebrity Birthday Connections


This Is Us may not premiere until Sept. 20, but there’s no doubt about it: The NBC dramedy is already fall’s most buzzed-about TV show. The series broke records when its first trailer reached 15 million views within 48 hours of its release—and after watching the show’s pilot, we promise that it lives up to the hype.

The series revolves around a group of 36-year-old characters who are linked by one common denominator: They share the same birthday. Of course, as with any good drama, it’s not all just about fun times and celebrations. In its first episode alone, This Is Us dives deeper into just what it means to share a birthday with someone while exploring the connection between its core group of characters, three of whom are played by Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and Sterling K. Brown. The trio recently stopped by InStyle’s New York City HQ to spill their thoughts on the new series, as well as their layered characters.

“Basically, you just have people who are trying to navigate life—the highs and lows, the crests and troughs,” Brown said. “They’re figuring out what’s next and how they can find happiness.” The link between the characters will continue to be explored throughout the series. “It’s a mystery if you have the same birthday—if you actually experience life the same way,” said Ventimiglia. “… Or share certain characteristics or qualities,” chimed in Moore. “They find themselves all at certain crossroads, a certain juncture in their life that could go either direction,” she said.

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While the cast was here, we put the shared birthday theory to the test. Ventimiglia, Moore, and Brown took turns asking each other what they have in common with celebrities that share their same birthday IRL. Press play on the video above to see their hilarious answers, and tune in to the series premiere of This Is Us on Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it.


[MUSIC] This Is Us features several characters who all share the same birthday, and therefore also have a certain shared connection that's revealed as the show progresses.>> I'm going to ask Mandy what she has in common with other celebrities that she shares a birthday with. I can't wait. Sure. What similarities do you have with the artist Q-tip? [LAUGH] Q-tip. Like listen, she's like. I use them everyday. I use them everyday. Q tips are not good for you. I do not use them everyday. Every day. You're just pushing wax into your ears, folks. Okay. Do you share any qualities with Steven Seagal? [BLANK_AUDIO] [LAUGH] Who you also have- I love to wear a ponytail. He loves his quite a bit! You like beating people up. [LAUGH] She likes beating people up. Yes, I have like, I'm a real authoritative figure, I like that. [LAUGH] All right, next, what do you guys do good. Sterling, what do you have in common with these people? Pharrell? I like happiness. He's very happy all the time. Yeah. I am so happy. So happy. Consistently happy. I clap my hands a lot. I have lots of large hats. Yeah. What about Colin Powell? Well, I'm a leader. I'm a natural born leader. Powerful. Yeah. Very powerful, very- Confident. He really marches into other countries and just [CROSSTALK] [LAUGH] Sometimes I think there are weapons of mass [LAUGH] And it took a turn folks. [LAUGH] Lily James and Bette Davis I don't know what would you have in common with. He's a classic beauty. Eyes, me and Bette Davis. Let's talk about our eyes. [LAUGH] Milo Ventimiglia, let me ask you something, man. What do you have in common with Jeffrey Tambor? We share the same hairline. [LAUGH] When wigged, we share the same hairline. What about Toby Keith. Toby Keith. I mean look, we're a little bit country. A little bit rock and roll. I think we got to have the heartland of America rooting for us, hopefully. I like to hang out on hay bales. [LAUGH] And drive American trucks, definitely drive American trucks, yeah. That's beautiful, that's beautiful, do you cook? Yes, I do. Do you know about this guy named Wolfgang Puck? I love pizza. There you go. They share a birthday. Yeah, I love the frozen pizza emperor. I'm gonna call him the frozen pizza emperor. Yeah. He's [CROSSTALK] he's the frozen pizza emperor. Well, Well answered. Thank you. Well played, captain. Thank you then. Yeah. Both of you. [LAUGH] Be sure to check out This Is Us, Tuesdays on NBC. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC]
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