Everything to Know About This Is Us, Straight from the Show’s Stars


After much anticipation and a record-breaking trailer, This Is Us premieres Tuesday night on NBC. The dramedy follows a group of individuals who are connected by one key factor: They all share the same birthday. Other than that, the show’s plot has, for the most part, been kept under wraps so far. So when co-stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, and newly minted Emmy-winner Sterling K. Brown recently stopped by InStyle’s N.Y.C. headquarters, we asked the trio to explain the show without giving away any spoilers.

"It’s a mystery if you have the same birthday—if you actually experience life the same way," said Ventimiglia. "We have four different storylines, and one character, per each, is celebrating their 36th birthday." No matter what paths their lives have taken, the key characters are simply trying to keep on keepin' on.

"Basically, you just have people who are trying to navigate life—the highs and lows, the crests and troughs," Brown explained.

And other than their birthdays, the group does have one more thing in common: "They find themselves all at certain crossroads, a certain juncture in their life that could go either direction," said Moore.

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[MUSIC] I'm Milo Ventimiglia. I play Jack in This Is Us. He is a man married to To Mandy's character, Rebecca, and their expecting their first babies, triple, three of them. Yep. Triples, triplets. Triplets. Yeah, lets. Triples. Triples. I'm Mandy Moore, and I play Rebecca on This Is Us, married to Jack, pregnant with triplets. It's a high-risk pregnancy, so throughout the show, it's being in the different stages of labor and eventually giving birth to the kids. Right. Well said. Sterling K. Brown, I play Randall, and this is us. And I'm looking to reconnect with my biological father. Have never met him through my whole life and I'm curious. And that's where you find me. At the beginning fo this is us.>> [MUSIC] So you have people who share similar birthday or everybody's turning 36 and they share a special connection with one another but that becomes revealed throughout the course of the show and in the pilot. But basically you have people who are just trying to navigate life The highs and lows, the crests and troughs, what's next? How do they take care of their family, how do they take care of themselves, how do they find happiness? Elevator picks. Yeah? Yeah, I think more or less you got it. It's a mystery that if you have the same birthday, if you actually experience life the same way. I think that's kind of an entry- Perhaps, certain characteristics share certain qualities. Right. Exactly, it's kind of an entry into our show, we have four different On storylines one character per each is celebrating their 36th birthday. The experience being we should all be celebrating, but yet we're in these moments- Yeah, they find themselves all at certain crossroads, at a certain juncture in their life that's could go either direction, could go either way. Yeah. Well said, Mandy Moore. Thank you, sir. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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