Watch Bella Thorne Dish On Her New Book, Thanksgiving Dinner and More During a Game of 'Think Fast!'

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Bella Thorne is quite the triple threat! She’s a singer, actress, and now she can officially add ‘author’ to her resume with the release of her debut novel, Autumn Falls. The stylish teen dropped by our office where she gave us the inside scoop on what will be a YA series. “I took a lot of facts about me to shape the character, and I think the best part about Autumn is she’s realistic,” Thorne says in the video above. “She’s not being followed by paparazzi and doesn’t have [a] hair and makeup [team],” she adds. “I think it’s inspiring for a lot of young girls.”

But that’s not all! While she was here, the star played a round of “Think-Fast," where she answered our burning questions at lightning speed. Hit the play button above to see what first came to Thorne’s mind when asked about topics like gift-giving, prom, and her trusty glam squad—plus, find out why she might want to brush up on fire safety before Thanksgiving dinner!

Her book (below) is available now on

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Hey, what's up, I'm Bella Thorne. You're watching InStyle. And thank you so much for having me here, guys. I'm so excited. Hopefully at the Oscar's. Such a pain. [MUSIC] So freaking cool. Lots of different things, a mess. [LAUGH] I love them. Fuscia. Amazing. Best people ever. Well the cooking, I'm not good at. Burn the house down, that will be me. I love giving gifts. I don't like getting them as much as I like giving them so, yeah. I hope everyone loves Autumn Falls just as much as I loved writing it. I took a lot of facts about me to shape the character and I think the best part about Autumn is. She's realistic. She's a normal person, she's not followed by paparazzi and doesn't have hair and makeup. She's kinda klutzy, doesn't really fit in, she's kinda bullied in school too, her father passes away and I think it's. Inspiring for a lot of young girls. I mean I wish I would have had a book like that when my father died to read. She also has dyslexia which I have. And we touch a lot of facts about dyslexia. And she's got a crazy family. She's Cuban like I am and and her friends are amazing, and they're so weird, and she's basically a part of this misfit crew that I, reminds me of a group that I hang out with.
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