Real-Time Fashion: The New Neutral, a Berry-Stained Lip

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Real-Time Fashion

When it comes to your lips this fall, it's all about making a subtle statement with berry lips. Designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Marant, and Giorgio Armani all sent their models down the runway wearing this natural makeup look. Ready to try out the berry-stained lip yourself? "You want it to look just like your lips but with a little more pigment," says Kahlana Barfield, InStyle’s beauty director, adding that the color is flattering on all skin tones. "You’re going for a cranberry, raspberry tone as opposed to a pink."

Watch the video above for tips on how exactly to achieve this look, plus head over to to shop our favorite shades (including Bite Beauty's High Pigment Lip Pencil in Amarone and Marc Jacobs's Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick). 


Berry stained lips are a huge trend this fall, designers love this look. So you want it to look just like your lips but with a little bit more pigment. You're going a cranberry, raspberry tone as opposed to a pink. There are several ways to achieve this look. If you really like to be minimal with your product. Invest in a cream blush and get it in a berry shade. You know, dab the color onto your cheeks, and then dab the excess onto your lips. And you're done. Or if you own a wine colored lipstick, or a berry lipstick, you can swipe it onto your lips. Dab it down until you're satisfied. And then there you have it. We see this look on the red carpet so much. You have some color there, but it's not red lipstick. And this trend really is flattering against different skin tones. We've seen it on everyone from Emma Roberts to Zoe Saldana. I love these lips because it's kind of the look that you see on that beautiful girl, and you don't know what's going on. She looks very natural but there's something there. The perfect look that you can take from the runway and wear in real life. Light. [MUSIC]
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