Video: How The Hateful Eight's Costume Designer Brought the Tarantino Film's Looks to Life

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What exactly did bounty hunters and soldiers wear in the dead of winter right after the Civil War? In The Hateful Eight, their wardrobes come to life through the lenses of director Quentin Tarantino and Courtney Hoffman, the film's brilliant costume designer. Starring Kurt Russel and Samuel L. Jackson as members of a crew of renegade travelers (that also includes Jennifer Jason Leigh and Channing Tatum), Tarantino’s Western-themed, adventure-driven drama follows an excursion through post–Civil War Wyoming during which the passengers are unsure of which stories are true and what narratives are fictitious.

“When I first read the script, the first thing I noticed were the characters,” Hoffman says in InStyle's exclusive featurette. “You have these Western archetypes of characters and the main thing being: Are they telling the truth or aren’t they telling the truth, and how would that affect the way that they are dressed?”

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Find out the story behind Russell's "about 20-pound" buffalo coat—“The item of clothing of the movie,” according to Hoffman—as she and cast members break down how different articles of clothing capture the wearers' personalities.

Watch the exclusive video above, and catch The Hateful Eight in theaters nationwide today.


Get him boys. [MUSIC] This here is Daisy Domergue. She's wanted dead or alive for murder. When that sun comes out, I'm taking this woman to hang. Is there anybody here Committed to stopping me from doing that. Well, well, well. Looks like [UNKNOWN] is about to get cozy for the next few days. Yes it does. Reading the script and having a vision for what these characters would look like In the 1800s in the cold is quite a task. And Courtney Hoffman really rose to the occasion, and did a great job. When I first read the script, the first thing I noticed were the characters. You have these western archetypes of characters. And the main thing being. Are they telling the truth, or aren't they telling the truth, and how would that affect the way that they are dressed? Well that was one of the things, I was always John Ruth, I was trying to think of, you know he's a bounty hunter and going through all that. And she already had this coat, she and Quentin had fallen in love with, which was this, well I refer to it as living inside of a dead buffalo, and it is, the coat weighs about 20 pounds. John Ruth, to me, wears the item of clothing of the movie which is that buffalo coat. And one of the reasons that I think it makes it so special is it has a sheered body and full-length sleeves. So it gives the sort of shape of a menace. Where's the well water? Over there. Every time you see that buffalo coat you know who that is. It goes with his big bombastic way. His ruthless sort of bullyish manner. He looks like a really bad schoolyard bully and it was like we nailed it. After you Major I think, you know she did a great job with Sams outfit. He's a sly, cool looking bounty hunter.>> You're starting to see pictures aint you?>>It's a little Lee Van Cleef, and a little bit of, you know, this major in the war.>> Well we went through various incarnations of who we thought Major Warren was, before we got to this particular thing. Lee Van Cleef with whatever flavor it is that I bring to that. But there's elegance to what that means, and what I hope I brought to it. Courtney had these beautiful drawing that she had made of the costumes. And we tried on a couple of coats and. We all sort of fell in love with the same things. Daisy's our girl. You know, she's our woman, so I didn't want to devoid her of any femininity because she is the woman that we have for the story. I think my costume may have been one of the easiest ones for her because I came in and we tried it on and showed Quint, and we tried on a couple of coats and We all sort of fell in love with the same things. The coat that she wears, Quinden really wanted it to be a coat that they had acquired along their journey into the snow. And he really wanted a gingerbread man, gingerbread woman aspect to it. And when we found that leather coat, we all were like Oh, this is badass. Courtney did a great job with all the looks. They are all intentional. She's kinda of one of those people who has, she's got a very distinct thought in her head. You want some stew, Opie? This one thing that I loved about the process that she wanted us to be comfortable, and she wanted us to be a part of our own costumes. And if you take a look at every single character, you can see oh boy, this is so well designed. [MUSIC]
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