Video: You Need to Hear Kylie Jenner’s Advice for Shopping Her New Nail Polish Collab

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To know Kylie Jenner—or, perhaps more accurately, to have scrolled through her Instagram feed—is to know that the teen star is obsessed with her nails. So, it's no surprise that her latest beauty collab leverages her talked-about talons: Jenner has teamed up with Sinful Colors to create a three-part series of limited-edition “King Kylie”-themed nail polishes.

The first installment of the shades—which are priced at $2.99 a piece—will be available at drugstores nationwide early next month. (Expect to see parts two and three hit shelves in April and May, respectively.)

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We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview and can confirm they’re mostly jewel-tones (a striking teal is the centerpiece of the premiere collection) mixed with a handful of pinks and neutrals. We’ll let Jenner—who we caught up with at the N.Y.C. launch event—explain the rest in the video above.


[MUSIC] I have always been obsessed with nails. I think my fans and everyone knows how much I love nails and how much I used to experiment with nail art. Form of self-expression. I feel like it, nails are really important to me. And having my nails done. So when Simple Colors came to me, it was kinda like a perfect fit. My mom drilled it in my brain when I was younger to have my nails done all the time. [MUSIC] It was fun and I kinda wanted to put my signature colors in there and Like neutrals and those cool really like narrowing down the colors. But this collection is kind of like the [UNKNOWN] collection. It has like little sparkles in it. We kind of play with textures and mattes in our other line. [MUSIC] The King Kylie touch would be just like the royal essence With the sparkles. But yeah, I just like it cuz it looks super simple. But then it's not just an ordinary white. [MUSIC] Probably our color Kryptonite. It's teal. It's my signature color. So I feel like I have That one's my favorite. [MUSIC] For those of you who want the collection, be patient. They're coming. [MUSIC]
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