Find Out How These Fashion Heavyweights Overcame Career Challenges on The Climb

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The Climb

Have you ever dreamed of having a career in fashion? It's not as far-fetched as you'd think. In a new video series called The Climb---brought to you by Microsoft, PowerWomen TV, and InStyle—jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher, model Crystal Renn, blogger Arielle Nachmani, style expert Jeannie Mai, and model Myla Dalbesio get candid about the long road to success and dole out frank advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in an intimate panel discussion.

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It's not often we get to go inside the passionate minds of these industry shakers and movers. If you're in need of inspiration, you're in for a real treat! A notable nugget of wisdom from the premier video: "I'm 35, and something happened when I passed my 30s when something clicked and happened that all of a sudden made me own who I am, flaws and all," Mai, who also talks about how she booked her first TV gig, shares with the panel. "That's when I think things begin to happen because your brand begins to develop." Each woman shares her story of success, hardship, and the importance of building an authentic brand in this video series, which is conveniently broken into 11 short videos highlighting different topics, from learning to manage fear and career anxiety to the importance of staying true to your brand.

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Invigorated yet? Watch the rest of these industry heavyweights talk about how they gained confidence and overcame personal and professional challenges in the first video (above) of this panel discussion, as well as in the rest of the clips here:

The Climb Panel Discussions

CHAPTER 2: Style Expert Jeannie Mai on Her First TV Gig

CHAPTER 3: The Panel on Success

CHAPTER 4: The Panel on Picking The Right Partner

CHAPTER 5: The Panel on Confidence

CHAPTER 6: Model Myla Dalbesio on Her Struggle With Addiction

CHAPTER 7: The Panel on Failure & Success

CHAPTER 8: The Panel on How To Build a Successful Brand

CHAPTER 9: The Panel on What Fashion Means to Them

CHAPTER 10: The Panel on How They Use Fashion to Their Advantage

CHAPTER 11: The Panel on What Makes Them Power Women

Want more from The Climb? Visit our hub for additional videos featuring inspiring conversation with each of these women.


[MUSIC] For me I mean I was a mother. You know I had my son and so, it was really hard, you know, to sort of come out and start a company and people actually believe in me because originally like, oh you know it's just like a mom hobby. Like she's just doing this to do something. So. I think it was really just kind of gaining confidence in yourself and sort of just going for it. That drove me to really achieve more. Mm-hm. Every time I would say no or someone would say something negative about my business. You said that it was the confidence and kind of like not giving up. I mean, wouldn't you say ladies that's kind of the most important thing about success. Or, or doing thing anything that you want to do. Well, just having thick skin too. Sure. Cuz, I mean. Yes, in fashion. I'm sure fashion yeah and. Being a blogger and putting myself out there all the time you get such negative feedback. Totally. I'm 35 and when I passed my 30s something clicked and happened that all of a sudden made me own who I am. Flaws and all. That's when I think things began to happen because your brand began to develop. That's who you realize who you are is through all those things. Yeah. Yeah. That's who, that's how you become you. And a lot of women are so fixated on fixing the things about them or worrying about what they, decisions they made, or. Being ashamed about it. Like, shame is the biggest time waster, to me, and I think the second you put that aside and you just own those scars and turn them into beauty marks, that's when you become a girl boss. The more that you stress about your age right now, you're never gonna be as young as you are right now. You just keep moving forward. Like, the more that you stress about it, you're aging as you think about it. [MUSIC]
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