Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose Shares Why Her Mom Is an Inspiration

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Celebrity stylist and fashion designer June Ambrose came from humble beginnings, and it's something she won't soon forget. So, it only makes sense that she credits her mother as her number one inspiration. "My mom inspires me," Ambrose reveals. "She was a single working mom and came from the Caribbean at a very young age. She was so determined, and never complained, and never got tired. She was relentless, and that kind of drive and determination inspires me to this day."

And Ambrose also shared that her upbringing has influenced how she defines success. "Success to me is being happy," she says. "You know, it's just a success to try. If you just try, you're successful."

To find out more about what success means to her, watch the full interview above.

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[MUSIC] tell me who inspires you. My mom inspires me, you know, she was a single working mom and we were latch key kids, my sister and I, and had come from the Caribbean at a very young age, and she was so determined and never complained, never got tired, you know on the snowiest day she was Heading out to work even though there was no work. She was just relentless and that kind of drive and determination truly inspires me to this day. So what does success mean to you? Because a lot of people think it's all about the money and it's about things. Yeah. Success to me is being happy. I know what it like. Not to be happy for an hour or two in the day. But I refuse to let it consume me. Just waking up and getting up and starting a new day and the new adventures is success to me. And I tell that to my kids. I say to them, you know it's just a success to try. That is itself, if you just try it, you're successful because you actually took the chance to do something that you are afraid of, or that you thought that you couldn't accomplish. [MUSIC]
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