How Stylist June Ambrose Defines Success in Life


Twenty years after June Ambrose made her mark dressing '90s hip-hop icons like Jay Z and Missy Elliott, the super stylist is still as busy as ever. Never one to rest on her laurels, Ambrose recently launched her own shopping line for HSN. With so much success, it's clear that she's made it—but Ambrose herself doesn't see things that way.

"I feel like in my journey, just when I think I’ve made it, I’m working on something else and I feel like I’m starting my life and career all over again," she said in an interview with PowerWomenTV. "I’m always looking for ways to reinvent myself, and I don’t like to a put a ceiling on where my success is. I don't want to become comfortable and complacent."

These days success for her means balancing her busy career and still making time for her family–never an easy task. Watch the video above to hear more about how she defines success.

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[MUSIC] so, you know, on the journey, on the climb there's these moments when you say, "I've made it to the next level." What was the moment for you when you realized I've really made it, I'm here. [LAUGH] I feel like in my journey Just when I think I've made it, I'm working on something else. And I feel like I'm starting my life and career all over again, I'm always under construction. I'm always looking for ways to reinvent myself. And I don't like to put a ceiling on where my success is, I don't wanna become comfortable and complacent. I don't wanna feel like I've arrived! I'm gonna relax now! I mean, I'm so afraid of not being relevant because I'm alive still and breathing. And, until that day comes, I feel like I'm still working towards the ultimate success. And that's really honestly at this point in my life, is seeing my kids through. The most important times of their life. You know, retiring comfortably on a yacht in Sardinia. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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