The Climb: Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fisher on How Overcoming Her Health Issues Fueled Her Business

The Climb

In an exclusive interview for The Climb, jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher discusses the hard times she faced that led to her successful career as the jewelry designer for her eponymous business.

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Fisher, who got her start in the fashion industry working as a stylist, became diagnosed with a desmoids tumor at the age of 30—a very rare soft tissue sarcoma that called for chemotherapy sessions. Despite these hard times, however, Fisher got engaged, then got married, and eventually had her first child after overcoming her health issues. "I decided, after all of this, I'm going to keep this baby," she reveals. "This has to be a sign."

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Following the birth of her son Shane, the stylist became stumped on the type of accessory to wear as an homage to her first-born. "I couldn't find anything to wear to represent him that represented my personal style. Everything felt a little too delicate. A little too dainty," she says in the video above. So, Fisher took on the task herself by sourcing gold dog tags and creating her own statement accessory that donned her son's full name. "It was an instant conversation piece," she says. "And one day, my husband looked at me and said, 'I think you have a business here.' And from then, we really started to grow and create different products and it's really grown from there."

For more of Jennifer Fisher's inspiring story, plus she talks about the importance of having a strong work ethic, and reveals how building relationships helps build a brand, watch the video above.

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[MUSIC] I'm Jennifer Fisher, and I'm a jewelry designer. I mean, I have the strangest story of how my business started. I was a stylist for years, and I got diagnosed with a desmoid tumor when I was 30 years old. Which is a very rare soft tissue sarcoma, in my chest, and I had to undergo chemotherapy for it. Through that process I got engaged and married, and when it was time to have children, my oncologist refused to allow me to carry the child because this type of tumor grows from estrogen. We tried surrogacy in California. For about three years, and it never worked out. And in the end, I ended up getting pregnant naturally back here in New York City. And I decided, you know, I'm, after all of this, I'm gonna keep the baby. This has to be a sign. So, I kept the baby. I had a normal pregnancy, and my son, Shane, was born. And when he was born, I was still working as a stylist, but I couldn't find anything to wear to represent him that represented my personal style. Everything felt a little too delicate, a little too dainty, so I went out and I sourced a very simple, plain dog, gold dog tag with his full name on it. And I started making them, and it was an instant conversation piece, and people started asking me to make one, make something different. And, really, one day my husband looked me and said, you know, I think that you have a business here. And, from then, we just really started to grow and create different products in different shapes and sizes, and it's really just gone from there [MUSIC]
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