Camila Alves Reveals How Her Brazilian Heritage Has Helped Her Succeed

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There's no question that Camila Alves has made quite a name for herself. Aside from her multitude of modeling projects, the Brazilian-born beauty also has a successful handbag business that she started from the ground up with her mother Fatima Alves. But just what makes her a great designer? "Our culture is very happy, and very upbeat, and very full of life, and very colorful," she reveals of their inspiration for Muxo.

And when it comes to her work motto, Alves's heritage has definitely influenced the way she deals with bumps in the road. "One thing about Brazil, you know, we have a joke down there that 'the Brazilian way' is that no matter what happens, you find a way to work it out," she shares. "I definitely took that with me into business. No matter what's going on we always try to work it out, try to figure out the best solution, the best angle for it."

To find out why Alves considers herself an entrepreneur and more, watch the full interview above.

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[MUSIC] Person 1: Would you say that you are an entrepreneur? Person 2: Absolutely. You know, every time I think of entrepreneur, at least my conception of, it's of somebody that started something something from nothing. And that's what we did. Have a handbag business with my mother. Her and I started the Muxo handbag line in the garage, working from home. Leading to now we have a company. We have QVC business. The promise was in all of this. In that description I do consider myself an entrepreneur. Our culture it. They're very happy, and very upbeat and very full of life, and very colourful. I grew up using so many accessories and so many things that we'll make an outfit together, then we'll make a look together. So that also, when I started doing business it brought me to the [UNKNOWN] of how can you make those things. Important in a business matter. And one thing about Brazil is that, you know, we have that the Brazilian way is that no matter what happens, you always work it out. You can be in the middle of chaos, but you find that if you are Brazilian, you find a way to work it out. I definitely took that with me because no matter what is going on, we always try to work it out. Try to figure out the best solution and the best angle for it. [MUSIC]
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