Blake Lively Looks More Beautiful Than Ever in the Newest The Age of Adaline Trailer

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 Back in November we got our first look at the stunning Blake Lively in the trailer for her newest film, The Age of Adaline, and now we're getting another sneak peek. In the film, Lively plays Adaline Bowman, a 29-year-old who doesn't age after a mysterious car accident. The new trailer shows the actress remaining gorgeous and young despite the world changing around her, plus gives us a more in-depth look at the challenges she faces. Hey, if anyone can play an eternal beauty who doesn't age, it's Lively.

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But its not just on-screen that Lively looks good. The actress, who has been laying low since the birth of her daughter back in early January, made her first appearance since she and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their baby on Thursday night in New York City. The actress attended the Gabriela Cadena presentation during New York Fashion Week in a gorgeous black and white color block dress paired with strappy heels, a black coat, and a bright yellow clutch. Pefection!

Don't forget to catch The Age of Adaline when it hits theaters on Apr. 24.

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[MUSIC] [NOISE] Adaline Bowman lived a normal life. [NOISE] until. Till one cold winter night in 1935 when something incredible happened. From that moment, she would never age another day. [MUSIC] I'll always be your mother, and you'll always be my daughter. Happy birthday, mama. Don't you miss having someone to love? It's not the same when there is no growing old together. Love [UNKNOWN] just heartbreak. Dad? This is- Adeline? How is this possible? You look exactly like this old friend of mine. We were very close. I know almost nothing about you. It is better this way. No it's not. All these years you've lived but you've never had a life. I don't know how. Tell me something I can hold on. To forever and ever let go. Let go.
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