Taylor Swift: 60 Seconds of Style

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The country superstar gave us the inside scoop on her favorite looks, signature curls and more!


[MUSIC] My personal style is girly. I love dresses, I love skirts, and headbands, and old antique necklaces and I'm really fascinated by retro fashions and things that were beautiful then and can still be beautiful now in a more modernized way. [MUSIC] It helps if you have naturally curly hair but if you want a really good spiral curl and you want it to have a nice lift, you take your hair like this and you wrap it around towards, going towards the back of you head instead of curling like this and going like this. That's what you do. Everything to me goes back to lyrics. The way that I feel, the way that I act, things that are my favorites. It's always just number one for me. Music is, so, when I'm standing on stage and I'm singing lyrics that I've written, and I look down and there's a girl singing them back to me, that makes me feel the best. [MUSIC]
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