Taylor Lautner: 60 Seconds of Style


The New Moon hunk reveals his favorite item of clothing and how he got in shape to play Jacob Black.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Taylor Lautner and I play Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga New Moon. The transformation physically, was very difficult and it required a lot of hard work. I love the character Jacob Black and I want to portray him correctly for the fans. And I knew that if I didn't start working out and changing my body for the role, then I wouldn't be able to play him correctly. I had to be in the gym 5, 6 days a week. Always working out. It was hard. I describe my style not to fashiony, but you know, cool and comfortable. But I got to have a little edge to it. I really am attracted to leather jackets. Especially when we we're like filming in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest, it's always cold. So I'll always be like wearing a t-shirt, v-neck, and when we go out at night I'll just like throw on a leather jacket to keep me warm and, it's cool. [MUSIC]
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