Taye Diggs Shares His Favorite Looks on a Woman and His Surprising Guilty Pleasure

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Taye Diggs is disarming. In the December issue of InStyle, writer Mary H.K. Choi declares him so, and offers proof in her "Man of Style" profile of the 42-year-old actor, dancer, philanthropist, children's book author, husband, and father. "Wow, that nail color is awesome," he said upon meeting her. "It shows you have good attention to detail." (Choi was wearing Illamasqua's Grab, a grape magenta polish, FYI.) If you've seen Diggs in movies like How Stella Got Her Grove Back or The Best Man (a role he revisits in The Best Man Holiday, in theaters now) or in TV shows like Ally McBeal and Private Practice, you know how easily Diggs can fell a woman with a single smile. And that, dear readers, is no act. As proof, we submit this candid behind-the-scenes video from our photo shoot with the star, where he dishes on his style advice for men, his favorite looks on a woman, and his surprising guilty pleasure. Watch and get ready to swoon.

For more of our interview with Taye Diggs, pick up the December issue of InStyle, on newsstands and available for digital download now.

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If I were to give one piece of advice to, to men out there, I would say do yourselves a favor and make sure your clothes fit. Ill-fitting clothes, you know, doesn't do anybody no kind of favors. Today at this wonderful InStyle shoot, I got to wear a lot of really great suits colors that I don't normally get exposed to, some really cool shoes, some really nice rag there. I like this one that I'm currently sporting right now. I enjoy this brownish hue, cream-colored sweater top on. [LAUGH] Sammy Davis Junior or Sidney Poitier was dapper. Nat King Cole. Yeah, those cats. Sometimes I feel like I was born during the wrong era. [MUSIC] I love formal, form fitting, classy, classic. I also like just casual jeans, tank top, you know what I mean, applejack hat. I just like' em. I just like girls. [MUSIC] What is my guilty pleasure? [LAUGH] These days, it's The Bachelorette. [LAUGH]. Yes, The Bachelorette. It's a train wreck and I love it! [MUSIC] If I weren't an actor, I'd probably wanna teach. I love interacting with young people. Yeah, that's an easy one. Or a male stripper. I'm kidding [LAUGH]. [SOUND]
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