Tavi Gevinson plays a lightning round of the game ‘This or That’

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Find out if Tavi prefers coffee or tea, Star Wars or Harry Potter, Taylor Swift love songs or Taylor Swift breakup songs, and more.


[NOISE] You're watching EW Light Bulb, presented by Glade. [NOISE] A quick, little like lightning round here. Sure. Just kind of like this or that questions. Okay. Cool. Now these are, these are, you know, no need to really over think this think this too much. Yeah. No need, no need to offer any description. All right you ready? Yeah. All right. Star Wars or Harry Potter? Star Wars. Coffee or tea? Tea. Angel or Spike? Angel. The wardrobe on Scandal or the wardrobe on Mad Men? The wardrobe on Mad Men. Liberty High School or William McKinley High School? Mm, those mean nothing to me. But- Good. Taylor Swift love songs or Taylor Swift break up songs? Ugh. Taylor Swift break up songs. Good choice. Ice cream sundaes or rappers with ice in their name? Rappers with ice in their name? Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation or Scarlett Johansson in any movie where she punches someone in the face? Lost in Translation. John Cusack or Joan Cusack? Joan. Moonrise Kingdom or Royal Tenenbaums? Royal Tenenbaums. Paris or London? London. Red or blue? Red. Fashion week or shark week? Shark week. [LAUGH] Entourage or anything besides Entourage? Anything besides Entourage. Physics or chemistry? Physics. Catcher in the Rye or The Great Gatsby? Catcher in the Rye. Australian accents or English accents? English accents. 70s or 80s? 70's. Old people acting young or young people acting old? Young people acting old. Filter or no filter? No filter. Movies about New York or TV shows about New York? Movies about New York. George Michael or George Michael? The, I rest, bluth, bluth. [LAUGH] Thank you very much. [LAUGH] Thank you. Watch the full episode at E-W lightbulb presented by Glade.
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