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Hi. I'm interior designer Thomas O'Brien. Welcome to my studio and shop Aero where I create the vintage and modern collection for Target. [MUSIC] The bedroom is one place that you really can change it completely. It's like putting together a bed or these collections. It's almost like we are putting together an outfit that you would wear. This the Tranquil J bed. There's the sheet set, traditional Japanese prints that I've kind of played with and turned into this kind of fun repeat. In a different scale, the duvet cover and shams. The amazing thing about this bed is the entire thing is under $200. Some of the other things that are part of the collection can be mixed in to even add more fashion. This other diamond weave coverlet could also be the thing that you use as your bedspread. We try so hard to come up with several different ways to make bedrooms and bedroom ideas fashionable. Don't be afraid to mix pattern. These things are great together. It has a really kind of young feel to it. These are the new towels we have all at Target. These chocolaty color had been our top color which is great because normally what happens is white towels are the most Popular, but it's really about them being kind of fashion towels. We're doing these new towels that reverse and reversing towels we have this sort of charcoal with this kind of earthy tan. Then we have the chocolate reversing to this wonderful blue kind of a vintage blue. There's a kind of khaki green reversing to a lighter techie. And then a red reversing to a wonderful rich kinda camel tan. Together with the solid towels I think it's a great thing to add into a bathroom. You can hang them, a brown one and a blue one together. These would look great rolled. They'll mix into like towels that you already have or buy styles together with them. How great is that combination? Great lighting can make all the difference in a room. I love designing lighting. The fun here is trying to create a group of lights that are still modern but kind of have more traditional details. We've got a small table lamp. A larger table lamp where I changed the configuration of some of the different things. There is a tall candlestick lamp that could be great in a bedroom or it's great for a buffet. And then there's this great task lamp. Which is a pivoting lamp. All of them have mix and match white and black shades, a white shade is gonna have more glow and then a black shade, light isn't going to come through this shade, it's either up or down, that will be more dramatic. All the bases are under $30 and it's been great fun to put together this group of stylish, kind of traditional modern lights. These are tips that I use for my clients but also for myself. Thanks for joining me and calling me for more tips to keep the home feeling stylish, modern, and comfortable. [MUSIC]
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