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I sat down with a friend of mine whose an industrial designer, and I was telling her that I thought it'd be so cool to have ergonomically designed brushes, so that when your people don't really know how to hold their brush properly, so that your hand would automatically just go into proper placement. And we sat down and actually took molding glue and sat with my hand and we molded them out and she sat and kept playing with it until we got where it felt comfortable and right. And then we actually had the molds made and then turned them into the brushes. And, you know, of course they're very specially designed. They've never been done before. And it's the first ergonomic makeup brush. And, you know, it's so exciting, cuz it just feels so comfortable to hold in the hand. And the quality of the hairs are exceptional. I have the white brushes, and now I've got black brushes. You know, you don't have to use a lip pencil it all. Again, it's personally used if you really wanna use one but if you apply lip color and you keep the lines really soft. It much, looks much softer. So, I think women feel more comfortable. So, at home, you know, you can use lip pencils. It helps add longevity to wear sometimes but sometimes, instead of leaving it on just an outer rim of a lip. Actually fill in the whole mouth. You know, it helps to give you wear, but it doesn't have the super strong line. And actually, stay away from the outer, lines of the mouth, and keep it much softer. So it just looks much prettier and softer. Like very other woman in the world, I love gloss and I love a little bit of shine on the lips. You know, for brows, I'm always been asked the question, what do you do with brows? And I like brows that are just, they're natural, and not overly defined, because if they get overly defined, they kind of take over the eye. Whenever you're doing your brows, keep in one hand your pencil, one hand your spoolie. It's one of those tools that cuz since it's a cream it does move. And you can actually just comb it through and have it so it's naturally looking. You never want have it, you know, an overly severe strong line. You always wanna make sure you lightly do like almost light little mini feather strokes. And then brush through with the spoolie. One of the smart things to think about is whenever what your eye's telling you, actually go a bit lighter than what you really think.
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