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Be a style standout in this chic, modern cut.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim Kimble and we're in my west Hollywood salon Epiphany Hair Studio. And today I'm gonna give you some styling tips on the knew hot modern bob. I think you can stand out with a bob these days, because everyone has long glamorous hair. The bob helps you stand and look different. All right Jodie. I'm ready to give you, your bob. You ready? I'm so ready. Alright, lets do it. Okay Jodie, how do you like your bob? I love it. I love it too [LAUGH]. So now you've got your modern bob. Lets talk about some of the products you're gonna need to help maintain the look. The first thing you wanna do is you wanna get a flat iron, so that you can give your bob some shape and, and smooth it out and give it a finished look with the flat iron. Then, you wanna use some products such as, like Hair Butter, a styling cream that's gonna give the bob a little biit of texture And, and a little bit of movement. If you wanna switch it up, and make it sleeker, then you would use some shine serum to kinda help smooth it out and give it that glossy finished look. If you have a bob with bangs and you decide you don't wanna wear bangs that day, take a comb headband and put it on your hair and voila you have a whole different hairstyle. And now I'm gonna do a little teasing with my brush, just to give it a little bit of volume. I'm not trying to do too much. So we definitely wanna keep this modern. Voila, look ma, no bangs. I love bob, because a sleek, sassy and always in style. [MUSIC]
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