Watch Rita Ora Reveal the Secret Behind Her No-Rules Fashion


It takes a high level of confidence to transform in and out of both too-cool street style looks and ultra-glam red carpet designs as easily as Rita Ora does. But for the multi-talented star, doing so is simply effortless. "I like to think of myself as being free," she tells InStyle's Kahlana Barfield Brown of her style philosophy. "I think it starts off with you feeling like you don't have a specific rule book."

In The Coveteur-produced video above, Ora opens up about the reason she can easily shuffle between collaborating with designers as different as say Tom Ford and Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld. "I think that's what fashion is about: owning that character and morphing into something that you feel good about," she adds. So what's her secret to rocking everything with panache? "I always commit to it. You have to, otherwise it doesn't work."

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Watch the video above to hear Ora discuss all things fashion and beauty. 


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kahlana with InStyle and I'm here with Rita Ora. Hello. Okay Rita, I love your style. Thank you. You do so many fun things with your look. Thanks. Where do you find your style inspiration? I like to think of myself as being free, you know? It starts off with you feeling like you don't have a specific rulebook. My job definitely implies in a visual appearance being some kind of standard and that's why I thought I'd like to go against that and join all the Different types of families. For example going to the Met Gala with Tom Ford was in like honestly just like a dream come true. And then walking in a Chanel show. It's almost like you know they're so different designers. And I think that's what fashion is about. Opening that character and morphing into something that you feel good about and just based off of that I think that it's amazing to experiment. I love experimenting with my So how old were you when you got into fashion? How did you discover your style? My grandmother was very glamorous. She'd always be on. Okay. And then I got obsessed with collecting magazines, ripping things out and creating mood boards. And I grew up in a flea mark, [UNKNOWN] market, it's a famous market in London. It was always around me, creativity. People writing on walls, graffiti, music Stole. We used to have Carnival happening every summer, which is like people dressing up in crazy outfits and dancing around. And I just wanted to feel that energy all the time. Right. And so I started to just do it myself. I think One thing that I love the most about your style is that one day you will be in jeans and sneakers and a t shirt, and the next day you'll be in the sexiest dress with the highest slit, and your shoulders out. With [UNKNOWN] on? Yes. With [UNKNOWN]. Which look do you feel Is the most you, or you're most comfortable in. I like to say I'm more comfortable as being the street girl. Okay. I'm definitely like a tomboy at heart. But the thing is, I can't say no to clothes. Yes. I can't say no to just something that makes me feel sexy and glamorous. Do you feel like you're equally a beauty girl? Yes. In terms of like right now, you're rocking this amazing new haircut. Tell me the inspiration behind this. Well this was once something I wanted to look like you got cut with a knife and fork. It does. I definitely wanted it to look like it wasn't a strategic planned haircut. I like this wedge in the back. i think you have to have a committment to a certain degree to be like all right guys I'm chopping hair off, but that's how I am with all my looks whether it's extensions, or Whatever. I always commit to it, and you have to. Otherwise, it doesn't work.>> Totally. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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