Need an Outfit for a Modern Wedding? Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson Has You Covered

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We've all been there--you've been invited to a wedding weeks in advance, you just hours before the ceremony begins, you're standing in front of your closet without a clue about what to wear. We consulted Abby Larson, founder of Style Me Pretty, who is a pro when it comes to decoding invitations, to nail the appropriate attire for the affiar.

"Not all invitations specify a particular dress code, like 'black tie' or 'festive,'" Larson tells InStyle. "Sometimes you have to do a little detective work to figure it out, but there are a lot of clues built into the invitation."

When you open up an envelope to find stationery with clean lines and a very graphic design, chances are the wedding will have a very modern vibe. "Many times for modern weddings, the ceremony and the reception will be held in the same place," adds Larson. "Look for that on the invitation, and if so, you'll know that you're going to an event with a little more edge. Modern weddings can be held in art galleries, museums, or restaurants—places where you can actually have a little more fun with your look."

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Watch the video above to hear Larson's suggestions for dressing the part at a modern wedding.


[MUSIC] Hey guys I'm Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty and I have a tip that is going to blow your mind. If you're ever stumped on what to wear to a wedding, just look to the wedding invitation to be your guide. Come on, I'll show you. Modern wedding invitations have really clean simple design. Very contemporary fonts. Most of the time, the ceremony and the reception are actually in the same place. So look for that on the invitation, and you know you're going to something with a little bit more edge. So most modern weddings are held in art galleries, in museums, in restaurants, places where you can actually have a little bit more fun with your attire. So we love seeing really straight lines, bold beautiful colors. You wanna Err on high fashion side of things. And you know that that bride and groom knows a thing or two about fashion. So don't be afraid to upstage the bride a little bit. I hope I've taken the guesswork out of what to wear to all of those upcoming weddings that you have. It all comes down to the invitation. Thank you so much to Rent the Runway for letting us dress up in their beautiful studio. I'm Abby Larson with Style Me Pretty. I hope you tune in more to [MUSIC]
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