Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson Breaks Down What to Wear to a Classic Wedding

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When your job is to know the wedding bridal industry inside and out, you learn more than a little bit about wedding etiquette along the way. Just ask Style Me Pretty founder Abby Larson, who documents her impeccable taste and Pinterest-worthy inspiration daily.

We asked Larson to break down exactly what to wear when you're a wedding guest, depending on the theme of the affair, and she shared a surprising tip. "Not all invitations specify a particular dress code, like 'black tie' or 'festive,'" Larson tells InStyle. "Sometimes you have to do a little detective work to figure it out, but there are a lot of clues built into the invitation."

If an invitation uses formal language and features clean, traditional design, chances are you'll be attending a classic style wedding, says Larson. Take a cue from these features and plan on dressing in cocktail attire, like a festive black dress, a glam gown (bring on the sequins), or even a flirty, jewel-toned number.

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Watch the video above to hear more of Larson's tips. Her only rules for a classic wedding? "No white and definitely no denim."


[MUSIC] Hey guys, I'm Abby Larson, from Style Me Pretty, and I have a tip that's going to blow your mind If you're ever stumped on what to wear to a wedding, just look to the wedding invitation to be your guide. Come on, I'll show you! The classic or traditional wedding is probably the most common of all weddings. You're looking for white or ivory card stock with maybe blue, black or even gold ink. You're also going to see all of the Traditional pieces that are included in an invitation set. The invitation itself, the response card, and even a reception card. Once you have all of those pieces, you know that this is going to be a classic ballroom wedding. So, when it comes to a classic wedding, you really have So many choices. You can go with that little black dress you've been saving in your closet. You can go short and flirty or you can go all out glam which is what I personally love. The only rules are no white and no denim otherwise you should be good to go. I hope I've taken the guess work out of what to wear to, To all of those upcoming weddings you have. It all comes down to the invitation. Thank you so much to Rent the Runway for letting us dress up in their beautiful studio. I'm Abby Larson with Style Me Pretty. I hope you tune in more to [BLANK_AUDIO]
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