Stunning Star Centerpieces


Celebrity florists and wedding planners share their secrets for creating floral arrangements that wow.


[MUSIC] How do celebrity couples keep their big day fresh with fragrance style details from Hollywood's best wedding designers. [MUSIC] When Heidi and Seal tied the knot in Mexico, wedding planner Mindy Weiss used splashes of orange and pink to emphasize the color scheme of the couple's ocean view home. The house itself is so beautiful that all we had to do is accent the house. We did roses, we accented it with hundreds of pink rose petals going down, and then highlighted it with beautiful candles that we wrapped orange ribbons around the glass candles, and it was just glowing in the light. Florist Mark Held creates red hot table arrangements for Gwen and Gavin's Los Angeles wedding reception. For Gwen and Gavin's wedding, we wanted to create something really dramatic, really unique, and really different. The guests were coming from a ceremony which was all done in white. They walk into a tent that's draped in red. It was a complete contrast and extremely exciting. We used mainly red roses. These roses here are black magic. We did a lot of square containers for a kind of stylized look on long tables. Then we also used horsetail for kind of a bamboo effect. This also added a stylish Asian feel. The candles create with the flowers the sense of romance. Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich said I do in their Manhattan townhouse, and Raquel Corvino filled the couple's garden with over 2,000 flowers. I knew that Julianne wanted to do white and green flowers. The flowers that we did were very open and free. It looked almost as if she had a beautiful garden outside her house and we went and picked flowers for her. The idea of doing the arrangements overflowing was just to have that feeling where a florist did it but somebody else could have done it. The clematis gives that feeling of instant garden. And Queen Anne's lace is something that everybody sees by the side of the road, but when used the right way, it really adds a nice little element and actually does feel like lace. Avril Lavigne married Deryck Whibley at an all white ceremony, but decided to mix things up at her reception. Well, we got a phone call from Avril where she said you know what I decided for the reception tent, I really want to bring in some goth. And red rose specialist Mark Held created Avril's floral arrangements. The whole tent was draped in red organza, and then we had these cool, wrought iron sconces so it almost looked like you were inside a red castle. And every detail was picked by both of them. Me, I love things that sparkle where the light catches it. But he didn't just leave it plain, he also attached a black calla lily at the bottom, which I thought was a really good detail. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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